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قیمت *بیت کوین به زیر 32هزار رسید اما هنوز |خریداران وارد عمل نشده اند & + تحلیل بیت کوین

قیمت *بیت کوین به زیر 32هزار رسید اما هنوز |خریداران وارد عمل نشده اند & + تحلیل بیت کوین


بیت کوین در طی ساعات گذشته به زیر 32هزار دلار سقوط کرده اما این سقوط باعث نشده که خریداران در بازار حضور پیدا کنند و به علت عدم فشار خرید، قیمت بیت کوین (Bitcoin) کم کم به محدوده 31هزار 900 دلار رسیده است.

با توجه به اینکه اکثر آلت کوین ها نیز پیرو سرگروه خود یعنی بیت کوین هستند، در پی این کاهش قیمت در بیت کوین، بسیاری از آلت کوین ها نیز با سقوط قیمتی همراه بودند. شاید بتوان فروش هیجانی را یکی از دلایل این افت قیمت ها در نظر گرفت.


تحلیل قیمتی بیت کوین (Bitcoin)

بیت کوین در ساعات اخیر دچار فشار فروش شده و به محدوده حمایتی رسیده است. همانطور که در تصویر مشاهده می شود این محدوده حمایتی در صورت اینکه خریداران وارد بازار شوند می تواند باعث برگشت قیمتی گردیده و در غیر این صورت باعث ریزش بیشتر تا محدوده 30 هزار و سپس 28هزار دلار می گردد.


حمایت اصلی بیت کوین محدوده 30هزاردلار

مقاومت اصلی بیت کوین محدوده 32هزار دلار

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حمید راحت حق

GBPUSD trend analysis Friday, June 25

GBPUSD trend analysis Friday, June 25
The pound is involved in long-term resistance


The GBPUSD weekly chart has returned above the 20-day moving average and is facing selling pressures from the broken support line. The GBPUSD daily chart is also under pressure from $ 1,3961 and may fall to support at $ 1,3678. In the four-hour GBPUSD chart, the British pound has returned to support at $ 1.39. This trend rate is consistent with Fibonacci levels. Intensifying sell-offs could push the euro to its first support at $ 1,3859 and then to $ 1,3812.

But if the British pound jumps from current levels, it will face resistance at $ 1.4011 and the next resistance of the pound will be $ 1.4069.

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حمید راحت حق

EURUSD trend analysis Friday, June 25

EURUSD trend analysis Friday, June 25
Is the euro coming out of the neutral phase?


The short-term trend of the Euro against the US Dollar is neutral and the EURUSD pair fluctuates above the rate of $ 1,1846. According to sellers, a break of $ 1,1846 could push the downtrend starting from $ 1,265 to the support of $ 1,1703. In the eyes of buyers, if the EURUSD pair crosses above the four-hour moving average of 55 days at $ 1.1976, the short-term trend of the market will rise to the resistance of $ 1.2265.

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حمید راحت حق

Global :Gold: Analysis Today Thursday, June 24

Global Gold Analysis Today Thursday, June 24


On Wednesday, gold had another bullish day, largely driven by sentiment over the US dollar and the Fed's monetary policy stance. The gold price broke the trend and reached its highest daily rate after hitting the PMI index of market services and the new rate of home sales in the US eased inflation concerns and severely affected the US dollar index. Reached $ 1795.

 The selling pressure created during the last week and the subsequent downward consolidation trend has led to the formation of a flag pattern. The closing of the daily price below the support level of the uptrend at $ 1768 confirms the downward failure of the continuing pattern.

After that, a defense line at the lowest level of the last two months, the level of $ 1761, will be waiting for this precious metal. If this level is crossed, the $ 1750 psychological barrier will be activated.

As the downtrend continues, the lowest price level recorded in mid-April, around $ 1,725, could temporarily stop the cows. The relative resistance index (RSI) is falling towards the saturation territory at 32.71 and indicates that there is still a possibility of price reduction.

As the downward trend intensifies, the price of gold will be on the verge of confirming the formation of a "cross of death", while the daily moving average of 200 (DMA) from above will cut the daily moving average of 50.

On the other hand, if buyers manage to stabilize above the $ 1794 level, the 100-DMA cross and support of the downtrend line will lead to the failure of this pattern.

In this uptrend, the highest price recorded on June 18 at the level of $ 1797 before the re-touch of the level of $ 1800 is on the agenda of cows.

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Nvidia CEO: We are {moving} towards Crypto Metaverse

Nvidia CEO: We are moving towards Crypto Metaverse

https://bayanbox.ir/view/4287146254947980565/nvidia-crypto-mining-%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AD%D8%AA-%D8%AD%D9%82.jpg "We are on the verge of a blockchain-based Metaverse augmented reality," Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang told Venturebeat video game reporter Dean Takahashi.

In an interview published Saturday, the head of Nvidia Graphics describes a future that is not far off the NFT: "The art you have is digital art. You own it using NFT. You will display that beautiful art. This is one of the different types and it is completely digital. "

Huang envisioned a seamless transition between the physical world of our perishable assets and the virtual world of our digital assets. "You will have our glasses or your phone. You can see that it is right there and belongs to you. If you enter our world, we will see this Metaverse overlap in our physical world. "

Huang's idea for "Metaverse Overlap" is already here. In March, teen NFT artist FEWOCiOUS auctioned off a pair of shoes designed as NFT, both in the real world (IRL) and as an augmented reality pair. Minutes, earned $ 3.1 million.

Similarly, the latest creatively known rapper MF Doom project was a collection of AR MF Doom masks. These NFTs can be displayed in virtual worlds such as Decentraland Art Galleries.

Nvidia and cryptography

Nvidia is no stranger to digital currencies. In February, Nvidia released a graphics card for Atrium miners The Nvidia CMP (Cryptocurrency Mining Processor) due to the popularity of its graphics drivers in the cryptocurrency mining operation.

In the late spring, the company announced that it was reducing the hash power of its three popular graphics cards to keep gamers happy.

At the end of May, Nvidia earned $ 155 million from its CMP cards. "CMP is performing better, and its production will not reduce GeForce supply," Huang said in the month. So it protects the supply for gamers. "

When this uniqueness arrives, it will be provided by Nvidia.

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A new lawyer came to Ripple to defend Garlinghouse

A new lawyer came to Ripple to defend Garlinghouse

https://bayanbox.ir/view/4207017663384360783/ripple-lawyer-%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AD%D8%AA-%D8%AD%D9%82.jpg Ripple lawyer James K. Filan, who often shares news of Ripple's legal defense in the SEC case, wrote on Twitter that a new lawyer has joined Ripple team. Nicole Tatz of Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP.

Tatz will represent the interests of Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple.

According to the law firm's website, Tatz focuses on litigation and law enforcement.

As a new lawyer joins the Ripple team, one of the commission's lawyers and the stock exchange and securities are off the battlefield.

As previously reported by U.Today, (Dugan Bliss) Senior Adviser to the Court at the Securities and Exchange Agency has left the Securities and Exchange Commission after more than ten years at the SEC. Currently, he is seeking court permission to withdraw from the Ripple case.

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Bitcoin becoming the currency of El Salvador

Bitcoin becoming the currency of El Salvador

https://bayanbox.ir/view/5538081797031044501/el-salvador-btc.jpg El Salvador plans to become the first country to adopt Bitcoin (BTC) as a currency. During the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, El Salvador President Najib Armando Abu Quillah, in a speech in support of Bitcoin, said he planned to introduce a bill next week that would make Bitcoin a Recognize the currency in this country. Abu Kileh announced that he is going to cooperate with Strike, a bitcoin payment company. Mahlers, owner and founder of Strike, also confirmed the news and expressed his desire for the partnership.

Najib Abu Kileh's progressive views have long made him famous; For example, since he took office in 2019, he has talked a lot about bitcoin. "

"Taking a small step for Bitcoin will be a big leap for humanity."

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market - Tuesday, May 11

An overview of the cryptocurrency market -Tuesday, May 11


Bitcoin Falls $ 6,000

Despite the strong movements and the upward trend of the last few days, BTC has not been able to overcome the resistance of $ 60,000. As we reported yesterday, the market's top cryptocurrency hit a three-week high of $ 59,600.

As the community waited for the $ 60,000 psychological resistance to pass, the bears stepped in and took control. In the hours that followed, Bitcoin began to fall rapidly, dropping more than $ 6,000 to its lowest daily level, just below $ 53,600.

Despite a relative return and multi-thousand dollar recovery, BTC continues to show a decline of about 6% on a 24-hour scale. In addition, the currency still dominates the cryptocurrency market below 43%.

Sea of ​​Blood in the Altcoins Market

Over the past few weeks, the replacement Quinns have performed more dramatically than their leader. However, most of them have fallen sharply since yesterday.

Atrium, which has seen explosive growth at the top of all altcoins, set a record high of $ 4,200 yesterday. However, it immediately plummeted to $ 400 and reached its lowest daily price level at $ 3,800. Ether has improved slightly since then and is now trading below $ 4,000.

Binance Coin (5.5%), Ripple (10%), Cardano (7.5%), Polkadat (12%), Bitcoin Cash (12%), Light Coin (12%) and China Link (12 -%) are all red today.

Dodge Quinn has fallen sharply since Ilan Mask appeared on SNL, falling another $ 11% to below $ 0.5.

Bitcoin Diamond (-20%), Qtum (-18%), ICON (-17%), Ethereum Classic (-17%), OMG Network (-15%), Phantom (-15%), DigiByte (-15% ), Ontology (-15%), Avalanche (-15%) and EOS (-15%) saw more fluctuations.

Typically, after a massive market downturn, the crypto market value also fell by about $ 200 billion yesterday, now reaching over $ 2.4 trillion.

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Technical analysis of the global gold ounce Saturday, May 8

Analysis of the global gold ounce Saturday, May 8


The price of an ounce of global gold is in a good position after hitting a long-term support level and, according to the analysis of the Credit Suisse Institute, will increase to the level of $ 1,853 within the 200-day moving average indicator.

Gold fell above the important $ 1.755 to $ 1.765 level after falling to the support level of $ 1.682 to $ 1.671, near the level of 38.2 ونا Fibonacci Correction of its five-year long-term uptrend.

Currently, the key resistance levels are $ 1.835, $ ​​1.853 and $ 1.871, respectively.
On the other hand, if the price falls below the support level of $ 1,724 to $ 1,721, the possibility of an uptrend is eliminated.

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The data show that the bitcoin hash rate decreased in China and increased in the United States

The data show that the bitcoin hash rate decreased in China and increased in the United States


Although most bitcoin mining pools are still located in China, there are signs that they are shifting.

Chun Wang, founder of one of the largest bitcoin mining pools called F2Pool, reported that China had less than half the bitcoin network hash rate in April 2020. Wong said this was the first time in eight years that Chinese pools had represented a network hashtag minority. "This is a real change," he said.

Data released by Wang on April 22 by Barry Silbert, CEO of Digital Currency Group, shows that the US-based Bitcoin mining pool, Foundry, climbed in April and is among the top 5 pools in the world, accounting for 7.6%. Holds stock.

"The bitcoin hash rate is rapidly shifting from China to North America," Silbert claimed. Leading pool is still AntPool, which is operated by Chinese hardware maker Bitmain and accounts for 18.6% of the network's total hash rate.

The University of Cambridge calculated that the dominance of Chinese miners in April 2020 was about 65%. Referring to these figures in January 2021, the Miner Daily Mining estimated that China's share had reached 55% of the network hash power since the beginning of this year, with the United States accounting for 11%.

On April 30, Cointelegraph reported that China's digital currency extraction operations may be subject to stricter regulations in the future, which could lead to more network hash migration from the country. China is also recently considering miners' electricity consumption, given its carbon commitments.

In late February, officials in the Central Mongolia Autonomous Region reportedly shut down all local mining facilities to reduce energy consumption in the region. This region accounts for about 8% of the global hash rate.

In a May 5 article, Marty Bennett said that F2Pool findings confirm that a growing geographical distribution trend is emerging.

He added that this raises some concerns that the Chinese central government may dominate the bitcoin network.

"It is very good to have some data from Chinese pools that show that the percentage of total hash rate production at China's borders has decreased." And concerns about the energy consumption and environmental impact of bitcoin may be alleviated by further shifting mining operations to renewable energy, especially in the more stringent United States.

According to the Nasdaq report on May 4, Texas has become a Mecca of bitcoin mining fields due to low energy costs and the fact that most of them are supplied by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

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