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the cryptocurrency market Thursday, March 25

the cryptocurrency market Thursday, March 25

Bitcoin lost more than $ 6,000 in value

The situation seemed to change in favor of this superior currency after the news of the acceptance of Bitcoin by Tesla as a payment option was published. At the same time, however, Bitcoin rose by several thousand dollars to $ 57,000. But since then, Bitcoin has fallen below $ 6,500 to $ 5,500 a day. Despite the return of the price to the level of $ 53,000, Bitcoin still shows a 4% decrease in 24-hour timeframe.

What is more remarkable than the fall in the price of Bitcoin is the devaluation of the currency below $ 1 trillion. According to Bybt data, the increase in fluctuations since yesterday has led to a decrease of more than $ 2 billion in the total market value of this currency.

Altcoins drown in a sea of ​​blood

After a few days of margin trading, the Altcoins market situation looked good yesterday with slight gains. Atrium pioneered this growth, rising to $ 1,700 and $ 1,740. However, the situation has changed completely in the last 24 hours. The sudden drop of $ 200 in the price of ETH caused this asset to reach its daily low price of $ 1550 a few hours ago. Since then, ETH is still below $ 1,600, down more than 6 percent.

Today, red dominates other altcoins. Binance Quinn (5%) and Cardano (2.5%) reached $ 245 and $ 1.1, respectively.

Polkadat fell 13% to $ 31, Ripple (-10%) fell below $ 0.5, (11.5%) to $ 27, LightQueen (-9%) to $ 175 and Theta (-18%) to around $ 12. .

Theta Fuel (-24%), IOTA (-15%), Ontology (-13%), Phantom (-12%), OMG Network (-12%), Flow (-12%), Ren (-12%) , SushiSwap (-12%) and 0x (-11%) are other fallout altcoins today.

Finally, the cumulative capital of the cryptocurrency market fell by $ 150 billion to $ 1.620 trillion.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market Wednesday, March 3

An overview of the cryptocurrency market Wednesday, March 3

Following a sharp drop that pushed the price of Bitcoin to $ 47,000, the currency traded back at $ 50,000. The Altcoins market is also mostly green today.

Bitcoin crossed the $ 50,000 resistance

After a sharp drop last week that brought Bitcoin below $ 43,000, the currency is slowly showing positive reactions as a new path opens up for the cows.

As reported yesterday, Bitcoin even broke the $ 50,000 level for a short time but could not maintain its momentum. The rejection of the price caused the currency to fall again and fall to the level of $ 47,000 (in Bitstamp).

Since then, Bitcoin has returned to this level once again, rising by about $ 3,000 to about $ 50,000. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 51477.

Technical indicators of the currency show that this particular price level is the first major resistance line in the uptrend of Bitcoin, so that BTC can cross the resistance levels of $ 52,500 and $ 55,000 after crossing this level.

If the price is rejected again, the support levels of $ 47,200, $ 46,600 and $ 44,750 can help.

Atrium reached $ 1,600

Most altcoins also saw unfavorable price movements last week, but were revisited in the last few days. Atrium, which has fallen to $ 1,300, has jumped nearly $ 300 since then and is now close to $ 1,600.

Cardano's 2% increase helped ADA remain third in the market value of digital assets. BinanceQueen (1%) and Ripple (2.5%) are also green in 24-hour timeframes. China Link has increased its value by 6% since yesterday and is currently priced above $ 30. The Polkadat also jumped 6.5 percent to trade at $ 38.

Nevertheless, Light Coin showed the most significant growth among the top ten currencies with a 12% increase. As a result, LTC is approaching the $ 200 mark.

Among the low and medium market value altcoins, the Energy Web Token had the best performance with 32% growth and reaching the $ 18 level. Ocean Protocol (22%), NEM (19%), Basic Attention Token (19%), Enjin Coin (18%), Phantom (13%), Decentraland (12%) and Ontology (11%) are next. they take.

Finally, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization remains above $ 1.5 trillion.

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US companies have bought 13,000 bitcoins for $ 48,000 at Coinbase

US companies have bought 13,000 bitcoins for $ 48,000 at Coinbase


Ki Young Ju, chief executive of data company CryptoQuant, announced on Twitter that 13,000 bitcoins had left the US exchange Coinbase.

He said the bitcoins had been bought by US financial institutions and that they were buying more and more bitcoins, despite the recent price correction.

At an average price of $ 48,000 per bitcoin, the value of the 13,000 bitcoins purchased is about $ 624 million.

He mentioned in the tweet that he bought $ 624 million worth of bitcoins and said that with the price of bitcoins reaching $ 51,000, the value of their purchase reached $ 668,244,200, which gave the owners of these bitcoins a profit of $ 42 million in just a few The clock is given.

He called the purchase a very positive signal for Bitcoin.

Tweet translation:

"13,000 bitcoins left the Coinbase exchange in just a few hours. These bitcoins appear to have been transferred to several Custody wallets. US corporate investors are still buying bitcoin for $ 48,000. This is the strongest bullish signal I have ever seen. "

As previously reported on the Holakouee Academy website, Coinbase's large exchange stock is to be listed directly by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The stock will be traded on Nasdaq under the COIN subset. Strangely enough, in the S-1 form of this exchange, Satoshi Nakamoto is mentioned as the designated recipient of this exchange.

The exchange also revealed that it has used bitcoin and other digital assets in its financial accounts since 2012.

The price of Bitcoin has reached $ 51,000 with the announcement of the listing of the exchange's shares in the US stock market.

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Stellar Analysis (XLM) Thursday, February 18

Stellar Analysis (XLM) Thursday, February 18

The strength of the upward trend in the price of Stellar digital currency has decreased to $ 0.465 after breaking the resistance level in April 2018. After that, the multi-year price ceiling was recorded at $ 0.61, but the market lost control over the buyers.
Currently, buyers are trying to stabilize the price above the level of $ 0.465 in order to reach the highest price level at $ 1.05.
The recent uptrend has made it easier to reach the historic price record of $ 1.05. The price is currently fluctuating in the range of $ 0.5 and is about 125% away from its record.

On the other hand, the MACD indicator, which is used to determine the entry and exit points, predicts the continuation of the uptrend. The significant distance between the MACD line and the signal line, as well as the fact that the MACD line is higher than the signal line, show us that the price trend is positive.

The RSI indicator also shows a negative price divergence in the four-hour time frame.

This divergence indicates the possibility of price correction. Breaking support levels of $ 0.5 and $ 0.465 are needed to form this correction and a downtrend.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market , February 3

An overview of the cryptocurrency market today

Bitcoin eventually managed to break out of the $ 33,000 to $ 35,000 range and enter the $ 37,000 range. Most replacement coins are still green today.

The price of Bitcoin broke above $ 35,000

After a very volatile week, the price of Bitcoin calmed down somewhat between $ 33,000 and $ 35,000. The cryptocurrency remained in the same range for the next few days until it finally emerged from the consolidation triangle in the last 24 hours.

The first move raised the price of BTC to $ 35,500 (on Bitstamp), while the next move pushed it to a high of around $ 37,000. However, despite the correction in the price of this currency, it still shows a 3% increase.

Technically, the BTC must cross the next resistance lines at $ 37,000, $ 37,700 and $ 38,620 to target the $ 40,000 level.

Conversely, if the asset fails to maintain its uptrend, support levels of $ 34,500, $ 34,000 and $ 33,110 could help.

Altquin Blast

Over the past few days, most of the major altcoins on the market have also been relatively quiet. However, the situation has changed dramatically in the last 24 hours, especially for some of them.

As previously reported, Atrium set a new record in its history. The latest price record for the second largest cryptocurrency on the market is now around $ 1,580.

Ripple also rose 6% to $ 0.38 after its recent dump. Bitcoin Cash (6%), Bainance Coin (2%), Chinlink (3%), Polkadat (7%), Cardano (2.5%) and Light Coin (12%) also rose in price today.

Fantom still has the best performance among the top 100 currencies in the market, reaching $ 0.15 for the second day in a row with 50% growth. UMA (27%), Siacoin (20%), Terra (17%), SwissBorg (13%), Decentraland (13%) and Maker (12%) also follow.

Finally, the total market value has increased by about $ 100 billion since yesterday, reaching $ 1.1 trillion.

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