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Revolut banking services application added+ Dogecoin| to its trading platform

Revolut banking services application added Dogecoin to its trading platform


Dogecoin , London-based Revolut, announced today that it will be available for purchase, sale and maintenance in the Roulette app along with 29 other digital currencies.

Roulette is an application that provides mobile banking services and is known in the UK as the "Challenging Bank", a term used for digital banking startups. The company said today that Dogecoin , the sixth digital currency with a market value of more than $ 40 billion, is a popular demand among its users.

Dogecoin has received a lot of attention over the past year. Its price has risen more than 12,000 percent in the last year, in part due to Ilan Mask tweets. Today, the Dogecoin trades at around $ 0.32.

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Dogecoin] was [listed on the {Coinbase Pro} exchange

Dogecoin was listed on the Coinbase Pro exchange


The latest reports suggest that the Coinbase Pro trading platform has begun accepting popular Doecoin transfers.

If there is sufficient liquidity, trading in this currency will begin at 4 pm Global Coordinated Time (UTC) on June 3.

Dogecoin currently outperforms all 10 of the market's top 10 cryptocurrencies (according to CoinMarketCap) by 6%.

The listing is largely priced by the market, as Coinbase announced last month that Dogecoin would be traded. Ilan Musk tweeted in March that the largest US exchange had to activate Dogecoin transactions on the platform.

The Gemini Exchange, led by the Winklows brothers, announced its support for DOGE in early May, along with several other platforms.

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Ilan [Musk] was happy😊 with his meeting with the American miners

Ilan Musk was happy with his meeting with the American miners

https://bayanbox.ir/view/3025662585096207961/elon-musk-miners.jpg Tesla CEO Ilan Musk has just tweeted that he encourages bitcoin miners to use renewable energy to power mining.

Musk has said he is in talks with North American-based bitcoin miners. These miners are committed to providing a plan for the use of renewable energy and a report on how to use them. According to Musk, they pledged to ask other miners around the world to do the same.

"This is potentially promising," he wrote at the end of his tweet.

Michael Silver, CEO of MicroStrategy, also attended the meeting. Silver wrote on Twitter that the miners had agreed to establish a "Bitcoin Mining Council." According to Silver, the move will increase transparency in the use of energy with the aim of accelerating the process of initiatives around the world.

The executives of Argo, Block Cap, Core Scientific, Galaxy Digital, Hive, Hut8, Marathon and Riot were present at the gathering, Silver said. According to him, they "decided to create an organization to standardize the process of energy reporting, follow environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, as well as market growth and education."

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market - Tuesday, May 11

An overview of the cryptocurrency market -Tuesday, May 11


Bitcoin Falls $ 6,000

Despite the strong movements and the upward trend of the last few days, BTC has not been able to overcome the resistance of $ 60,000. As we reported yesterday, the market's top cryptocurrency hit a three-week high of $ 59,600.

As the community waited for the $ 60,000 psychological resistance to pass, the bears stepped in and took control. In the hours that followed, Bitcoin began to fall rapidly, dropping more than $ 6,000 to its lowest daily level, just below $ 53,600.

Despite a relative return and multi-thousand dollar recovery, BTC continues to show a decline of about 6% on a 24-hour scale. In addition, the currency still dominates the cryptocurrency market below 43%.

Sea of ​​Blood in the Altcoins Market

Over the past few weeks, the replacement Quinns have performed more dramatically than their leader. However, most of them have fallen sharply since yesterday.

Atrium, which has seen explosive growth at the top of all altcoins, set a record high of $ 4,200 yesterday. However, it immediately plummeted to $ 400 and reached its lowest daily price level at $ 3,800. Ether has improved slightly since then and is now trading below $ 4,000.

Binance Coin (5.5%), Ripple (10%), Cardano (7.5%), Polkadat (12%), Bitcoin Cash (12%), Light Coin (12%) and China Link (12 -%) are all red today.

Dodge Quinn has fallen sharply since Ilan Mask appeared on SNL, falling another $ 11% to below $ 0.5.

Bitcoin Diamond (-20%), Qtum (-18%), ICON (-17%), Ethereum Classic (-17%), OMG Network (-15%), Phantom (-15%), DigiByte (-15% ), Ontology (-15%), Avalanche (-15%) and EOS (-15%) saw more fluctuations.

Typically, after a massive market downturn, the crypto market value also fell by about $ 200 billion yesterday, now reaching over $ 2.4 trillion.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market today, May 9

An overview of the cryptocurrency market today, May 9

https://s18.picofile.com/file/8433145392/crypt_9_5_%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AD%D8%AA_%D8%AD%D9%82.jpg Bitcoin is approaching $ 60,000

As reported two days ago, the bears were in complete control of the market's first cryptocurrency, lowering the price to around $ 55,000. However, Bitcoin managed to reverse its trend and gradually increase its value.

BTC reached above $ 58,000 yesterday and continued to move after a slight correction. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has reached the level of $ 59,600. This is the highest price of this leading cryptocurrency since the market collapsed in mid-April.

However, BTC failed to continue its uptrend until it crossed the significant $ 60,000 resistance, thus falling below the $ 59,000 level. It has since risen 2% to its current level of $ 58027.

The benchmark for comparing the BTC market value with all altcoins also rose to 45% after 44% yesterday.

Set new records in Ether and Cardano

The Altcoin market has fluctuated sharply in recent weeks. Atrium, on top of all of them, has experienced intense price pumps. The market's second cryptocurrency broke the $ 3,000 level less than a week ago, and has now reached its all-time high of $ 3,980, setting a record.

Cardano, after setting his last record earlier this week, managed to touch the level of $ 1.73 and draw his highest price level in history. Binance Quinn has also increased to $ 650 in 24-hour timeframes.

Dogecoin, on the other hand, fell 25% to $ 0.55 after the long-awaited Elon Musk show aired.

The most important market winner today is Shiba coin. Inspired by Dodge Quinn, the token was able to enter the top 100 currencies in the market after 850% growth in one week. The currency has risen 160 percent in the last 24 hours alone.

Telcoin (32%), Polygon (28%), Bitcoin Diamond (16%), Venus (13%) and Qtum (10%) are next.

The total market value of cryptocurrencies rose to a record $ 2.460 trillion after rising $ 60 billion in one day.

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rahathagh/راحت حق

KFC Canada now accepts Dogecoin

KFC Canada now accepts Dogecoin


Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has expanded payment options for its Canadian customers through the Dogecoin digital currency.

This chain restaurant had already entered the world of crypto. In January 2018, KFC Canada launched the "Bitcoin Bucket" ad, which could be purchased with BTC via BitPay. However, this was only a temporary marketing ploy.

Dogecoin's acceptance has made significant progress recently. Mark Kuban, Newegg electronics retailer and EasyDNS internet service provider, are among the latest big letters to welcome the token.

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rahathagh/راحت حق