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۱۹ مطلب با کلمه‌ی کلیدی «cryptocurrency» ثبت شده است

بیبی دوج کوین در هفته اخیر 148درصد رشد داشته است * بیبی دوج چیست؟ + نحوه خرید بیبی دوج (Baby doge)

بیبی دوج کوین در هفته اخیر 148درصد رشد داشته است * بیبی دوج چیست؟ + نحوه خرید بیبی دوج (Baby doge)


در هفته پیش، اهالی بازار رمزنگاری و مخاطبان این حوزه به موضوع جدیدی از دارایی رمزنگاری مبتنی بر الگوهای رفتاری به نام baby doge توجه نشان دادند. در حالی که ایلان ماسک درباره کودک دوج توییتی کرد و بلافاصله پس از توییت او، ارزش این دارایی رشد بسیاری را تجربه کرد و باعث شد این میم کوین مورد اقبال بیشتری قرار گیرد. ایلان ماسک از آن روز به بعد چیزی در مورد کودک دوج نگفت، اما  همچنان قیمت این دارایی به رشد خود ادامه می دهد.


این رمزارز (cryptocurrency) در فاصله ۲۴ ساعته بعد از توییت ایلان ماسک در تاریخ 10تیر رشد 228.3٪ درصدی را تجربه کرده و آمارهفتگی نیز افزایش ۲۴۸.۹ درصدی را نشان می دهد. طی روزهای دیگر نیز این روند صعودی ادامه داشته است و این رمزارز همینطور به جمع آوری سود ادامه می دهد. این میم کوین طی دو هفته گذشته بیشترین عملکرد را در بازار ارزهای دیجیتال به ثبت رسانده است و رشد چشمگیر ۷۲۳ درصدی را داشته است.


همانطور در خبر بالا مشاهده شد، این رمز ارز (Baby doge) در هفته های اخیر رشد بسیار زیادی داشته است و یکی از دلایل این رشد را می توان توئیت های ایلان ماسک دانست.

بیبی دوج (Baby doge) چیست؟

بیبی دوج یک رمزارز تازه تاسیس است که از سن آن تقریبا 1ماه می گذرد و در این بین این ارز توانسته است بیش از 500درصد رشد داشته باشد.

بیبی دوج (Baby doge) نمادهای مشترک زیادی با دوج کوین (Dogecoin) دارد اما از لحاظ فنی ارتباطی با آن ندارد. دوج کوین یک رمز ارزی است که بر روی شبکه بلاکچین خود کار میکند ولی بیبی دوج یک توکن است که بر روی بلاک چین دیگر فعال شده است.


رمزارز بیبی دوج (Baby doge) را چگونه و از کجا بخریم؟

توکن بیبی دوج (Baby doge) بر روی بستر بلاکچین BSC یا اسمارت چین بایننس و دارای استاندارد BEP20 ایجاد شده است و در صرافی غیرمتمرکز پنکیک سوآپ PancakeSwap می توان آن را خرید و فروش کرد.

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rahathagh/راحت حق

The number of active Ethereum network addresses has surpassed that of Bitcoin for the first time

The number of active Ethereum network addresses has surpassed that of Bitcoin for the first time


The latest information released by the sentiment data analysis platform indicates that Ethereum has surpassed Bitcoin for the first time in terms of the number of active addresses.

Yesterday, Ether reached its highest price of one week, $ 2135, at Bitstamp. Ahead of the EIP-1559 update, which is expected to launch in the coming weeks, the market's second-largest blockchain network has seen an increase in user activity on the network.

At the same time, the number of active Bitcoin addresses is at its lowest level since February. The momentum cryptocurrency lost momentum after the cows failed to overcome the $ 35,000 resistance.

 The ETH / BTC pair is now in the middle of an obvious reversal, rising by almost 7% in the last 24 hours.

Jim Kramer's attention to ether

CNBC presenter Jim Kramer recently said he would continue to buy Ethereum when he only buys bitcoins when they reach $ 10,000. The famous superstar seems to like Ethereum more because people use it to buy "much more".


Read more ...

For the first time in history, the difficulty of the Bitcoin network is likely to decrease by 21%

The first Bitcoin investment fund in the Middle East was launched at Nasdaq Dubai

The average Ethereum transaction fee fell below $ 1

Is Ethereum better than Bitcoin?


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cryptocurrency market experts warn. Is the winter of this industry on the way?

cryptocurrency market experts warn. Is the winter of this industry on the way?


Analysts at JP Morgan and DailyFX claim that we are in a cryptocurrency winter. However, other analysts, including John Bollinger, disagreed. The creator of the technical indicator of the Bollinger Bands believes that Bitcoin has already recorded a price floor of $ 30,000.

Bitcoin hit a record high of $ 64,804.72 in April, but later, the flagship cryptocurrency has dropped by almost 50% since then and is trading at $ 33,039.01 at the time of writing. The price of Bitcoin has risen 1.5% in the last 24 hours after touching the resistance level of $ 30,000. Although the cryptocurrency appears to be recovering, some experts believe the situation could get worse.

In addition to the downtrend, the bitcoin death intersection pattern was finally formed on June 19. In addition, conflicting news with Bitcoin continues in China, which negatively affects the bitcoin hash rate. On the other hand, the interest of legal investors decreased. These are all factors that lead to a downturn in the market. Likewise, these factors can lead our favorite cryptocurrencies to a deep hibernation.

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SHIB* cryptocurrency was listed on the |Coinbase| Pro exchange

SHIB cryptocurrency was listed on the Coinbase Pro exchange

https://bayanbox.ir/view/3419180471299165701/SHIB-Coinbase-pro-%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AD%D8%AA-%D8%AD%D9%82.jpg Coinbase Pro, the professional arm of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has announced the listing of Shiba Inu (SHIB) cryptocurrencies.

Earlier this month, the trading platform also added support for Dogecoin, the flagship coin.

In addition to SHIB, Coinbase Pro Exchange also lists Chilean Ciphers (CHZ) and Cape Network (KEEP).

Trading will begin after 9 a.m. Thursday.

Yesterday, the Coinbase Pro exchange also listed Polkadat cryptocurrencies (DOTs), causing the price of the cryptocurrency to rise sharply.

According to CoinMarketCap data, SHIB ciphers have now risen 26 percent in the past 24 hours.

Last month, Atrium co-founder Vitalik Buterin burned 90 percent of the SHIB tokens donated to him by anonymous token developers, adding that he would donate the rest to charity.

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Unknown Webdollar Digital Currency (WEBD) Fell 99% After Extreme Growth Yesterday

Unknown Webdollar Digital Currency (WEBD) Fell 99% After Extreme Growth Yesterday

https://bayanbox.ir/view/4358435605873991758/webd-%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AD%D8%AA-%D8%AD%D9%82.jpg Yesterday, the value of an unknown digital currency(Webdollar) reached the top 17 digital currencies in terms of market value in just three hours with a sudden jump.

On Monday, about $ 7.3 billion entered the digital currency market in just three hours through a completely unknown Altcoin.

The currency, known as the Webdollar (WEBD), rose from $ 0.0003711 to $ 0.6121 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 GMT and rose more than 164,842 percent. However, the price increase was accompanied by a decrease in volume. This action shows the price of a pump sequence and incredible discharge. The Web Dollar, which surprisingly rose to 17th in the market, fell 99 percent to $ 0.0004 and fell to 873rd.

According to data collected by Coin Market Cap, the first WEBD jump boosted the market capitalization of this digital currency from $ 1.84 million to $ 1.5 billion in just 5 minutes.

Later, at 10:39 Greenwich Mean Time, its market value fell to $ 5.12 million, and at 11:29 Greenwich Mean Time, it jumped to another $ 9.5 billion.

The WEBD price pump and dump comes from an exchange called IndoEx, which operates under a UK-registered entity called IndoEx LTD.

Collins Spencer is the only shareholder in the company who is not on any social network.
In the LinkedIn profile, the company is proud to have 10-50 employees, only three of whom are in business on social media. They all have secret LinkedIn profiles and are from Indonesia, not the UK.
Evidence shows that IndoEx played a significant role in pumping and dumping WEBD tokens on Monday.

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rahathagh/راحت حق

Hassan Rouhani: [Cryptocurrencies] may soon become legal in Iran

Hassan Rouhani: Cryptocurrencies may soon become legal in Iran

https://bayanbox.ir/view/8738859615016126066/Cryptocurrencies-%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AD%D8%AA-%D8%AD%D9%82.jpgSave "Cryptocurrencies may soon be legalized in Iran," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told a meeting of the Economic Coordination Board.

In order to legalize the activity of digital currencies and protect the capital of the people in this field, we must think of a solution as soon as possible and lay down the necessary laws and instructions.
Although Iran has not imposed any regulatory or structural restrictions on digital currencies, laws were passed last year that allowed the use of bitcoins for imports. Recently, the country issued a temporary ban on bitcoin mining operations until September 22 due to fears of blackouts at the height of the electricity demand season.
Rouhani denied involvement in the temporary ban on mining activities. "The Ministries of Communications and Information Technology and Energy are responsible for power outages in these centers," he said.

The authorities in charge of the capital market should cooperate with the media and cyberspace in the field of information, education and public awareness about this phenomenon and its instructions and laws.
Iran's presidential election will be held next week. It is unclear whether Rouhani is trying to gain some concessions or whether the new government will maintain a pro-digital currency stance.

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China State Agency publishes blockchain roadmap

China State Agency publishes blockchain roadmap

https://bayanbox.ir/view/4596277852333825753/Blockchain-China.jpg The Central Cyber ​​Security Bureau and the Information Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) have identified four key application areas for blockchain acceptance.


MIIT's five-item agenda for accepting the blockchain is part of a document presented Monday that details the guidance comments released to accelerate the development of emerging technology for industrial development.


As previously reported by the Cointelegraph, Chinese President Xi Jinping had previously called for the speedy adoption and approval of the blockchain in October 2019. This MIIT document describes this new technology as "an important part of the new generation of information technology" by presenting its argument for accepting blockchain.


According to the Ministry of Information Technology (IT), blockchain is among a host of new innovations such as big data and artificial intelligence that are vital to China's continued progress.

In this MIIT document, options such as economy, finance, industrialization and public services are mentioned as the main focus of blockchain development in the country.


According to MIIT, tracking, data sharing, and supply chain management are some of the uses for blockchain that can have a significant positive impact on the real economy. In the area of ​​finance, MIIT is calling for more interaction between blockchain and other emerging technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and the Internet.


MIIT proposes to accept blockchain for public use, which includes concepts such as smart cities and the use of new technologies in government services. The document relies heavily on the immutability of blockchain-based offices in improving evidence-gathering mechanisms in areas such as judicial deposit, civil registration, and administrative law enforcement activities.

As part of its development goals, MIIT called for the establishment of at least three firms and blockchain industries in China. The document also mentions international cooperation, especially under the auspices of Belt and Road.


Although the MIIT document emphasizes the acceptance of blockchain, there is no general reference to cryptocurrencies or tokens. Beijing continues to crack down on cryptocurrencies, and Weibo has reportedly banned the accounts of some "virtual currency influencers."

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The first {digita}l token offered by the [largest] bank in Southeast Asia

The first digital token offered by the largest bank in Southeast Asia


The Bank of Singapore on Monday announced its first digital token on its central bank's decentralized digital exchange.

 The digital token offered is a private token and is the sole supplier of the Central Bank of Singapore.

 The details of the supplied token are as follows:

This paves the way for digital currency issuers and customers to decentralize exchanges so they can access digital financial markets to meet their financial needs. It also paves the way for the production of other digital tokens. It paves the way for decentralized exchanges and this will become commonplace.

This is just the beginning of a lot of work to be done in the future, said Clifford Lee, chairman of Singapore Central Bank Fixed Income.

 This shifts the money supply from the traditional mode to a digital ecosystem, allowing currency exporters and investors to interact more and develop faster.

It should be noted that the Central Bank of Singapore acknowledged that the country's digital exchange has attracted a lot of public attention since its launch, adding that the amount of capital invested has increased about 10 times since the first week of supply.

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Ethereum{ Internet searche}s hit record highs in US, Germany| and |Turkey

Ethereum Internet searches hit record highs in US, Germany and Turkey

https://bayanbox.ir/view/3774866149980199249/Ethereum-Internet-searches-%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AD%D8%AA-%D8%AD%D9%82.jpg Analyzing the search data, the United States shows the highest level of interest in Ethereum (ETH), followed by Germany and Turkey.

The word "Ether" is searched 1,116,000 times a month in the United States, with the exception of novice chemists, who search the Internet for the world's second most valuable cryptocurrency about 36,000 times daily, according to Invezz.com. .

Germany and Turkey also ranked second and third with 736,300 and 408,500 searches per month, respectively. Among the top three countries, Germany has the highest per capita word search, with 9.46 searches per 1,000 Internet users, more than 3.57 searches in the United States.

Switzerland ranks twelfth on the list with 11.79 searches per 1,000 Internet users, with Ethereum the highest per capita search. The UK ranked sixth with 230,000 monthly searches, with 3.53 searches per 1,000 users.

According to Google Trends, there has been a significant increase in the number of Google Ethereum queries since the beginning of 2021, setting a new historical record to date.

Ether prices have risen nearly 400 percent since January, rising from about $ 700 to $ 3,346. As Ether's dollar value grew, Ethereum 's dominance in the cryptocurrency market value classification increased, with Ether accounting for nearly 20% of the total cryptocurrency market capital since early May.

Despite the fact that the price of these cryptocurrencies has retreated by almost 25% from its new price record, ether investment products have continued to flourish this month.
Atrium Network Trading Fee has dropped 71% from its most recent high.

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Parliament's master plan for digital currencies is nearing completion

Parliament's master plan for digital currencies is nearing completion


The head of the Foreign Exchange Code and Blockchain Commission in the country's computer trade union organization says that the plan that was presented to the parliament more than a year ago is now approaching its final stage in the parliament and will be read in the open court of the parliament soon. He hopes that this plan, with the help of parliamentarians, will solve the problems of cryptocurrencies in Iran and its activists. He emphasizes that they are strongly opposed to parts of its clauses and are trying to correct it. After presenting this plan, it has been reviewed in several joint meetings between the parliament and Nasr Keshvar specialized commission and the extraction working group of the Association of Block Chain Technologists.

"Abbas Ashtiani", the head of the Foreign Exchange and Blockchain Encryption Commission of the Iranian Computer Guild Organization, said: Know the currency code well between government and government institutions.

He says that the plan they have put forward has been heard by businesses related to the field and interested parties or their representatives, and the Fintech Association of Iran is now aware of the text. He emphasizes that the need for empathy is already felt for the consensus of all activists on this plan. Ashtiani says that the current plan has changed a lot compared to the past and disappointing sentences have been added to it, and they are trying to clear up the ambiguities and dark points.

Ashtiani says they are trying to remove the ban on exchanging cryptocurrencies from the final text to be presented to parliament because they insist their work would have been in vain if it had existed. He also emphasizes that they have achieved other things that they hope will be included in the final text:

"We are trying to make the Central Bank and the Exchange Organization the reference for formulating the requirements for the exchange of cryptocurrencies inside the country, and the Ministry of Silence to be responsible for issuing licenses for cryptocurrency farms." "We also want to make the amount of cryptocurrency revenue in the country transparent so that a better green light can be given to these activities in the country."

According to Ashtiani, the total value of the cryptocurrency market in the world is estimated at $ 350 billion with a daily turnover of $ 53 billion, and bitcoin alone holds 57% of this market: "The annual amount of legal cryptocurrency extraction in Iran is legal and illegal. "It is estimated at $ 285 million. Of the 324,000 bitcoins mined annually in the world, 19,500 are mined in Iran."

He says that given that to date the Ministry of Petroleum is a branch of this unsold industry, they are trying to deliver industrial gas to the miners so that they can generate electricity for themselves.

Ashtiani, in response to the question whether the Currency Code and Blockchain Commission of the Computer Industry Organization of the country, alone and without the knowledge of other commissions and institutions related to this field, have taken steps on this plan or not, says that they They have stepped forward and since then to this day, they have talked to various institutions about its shortcomings in order to achieve the best results.

He emphasizes that regulatory issues are not limited to a specific province, and that these decisions are made at the national level: "The structures of Nasr Keshvari associations and specialized commissions are much better for proposing such plans. "However, from the very beginning until today, we have always invited all the associations and smaller commissions to be with us."

Ashtiani emphasizes that Nasr Keshvar's efforts, along with other relevant teams, are nearing their final stage, and at the present time, all actors in this ecosystem must help each other to achieve better results through parliament and legislation to decipher currencies:

"The door of the blockchain and cryptocurrency commission of the country's computer trade union system is open to all those interested in activities and role-playing, and in the absence of activists, the effect will be unkind and shows pride and results in nothing but damage to the entire ecosystem." . »




طرح جامع مجلس برای ارزهای دیجیتال به مرحله نهایی خود نزدیک می شود

رئیس کمیسیون رمز ارز و بلاکچین در سازمان نظام صنفی رایانه‌ای کشور می‌گوید طرحی که بیش از یک سال پیش به مجلس ارائه داده‌اند حالا در مجلس به مرحله نهایی خود نزدیک می‌شود و قرار است به زودی در صحن علنی مجلس قرائت شود. او ابراز امیدواری می‌کند که این طرح بتواند با مساعدت نمایندگان مجلس، مشکلات رمزارزها در ایران و فعالان را برطرف کند. او تاکید دارد آنها با بخش‌هایی از بندهای آن به شدت مخالف هستند و سعی در اصلاح آن دارند. این طرح پس از ارائه، در چندین جلسه مشترک بین مجلس و کمیسیون تخصصی نصر کشور و کارگروه استخراج انجمن فناوران زنجیره بلوک بررسی شده است.

«عباس آشتیانی»، رئیس کمیسیون رمز ارز و بلاکچین سازمان نظام صنفی رایانه‌ای کشور گفت : آنها به عنوان کمیسیون رمز ارز و بلاکچین برای تدوین آیین‌نامه‌ها و دستورالعمل‌های مختلف پیرامون رمز ارزها در بخش‌های مختلف دولت و حاکمیت وارد تعامل شدند و طی این سالها توانستند جایگاه رمز ارز را در بین نهادهای دولتی و حاکمیتی به خوبی بشناسانند.

او می‌گوید طرحی که آنها پیش برده‌اند به سمع و نظر کسب‌وکارهای مرتبط با حوزه و علاقه‌مند یا نمایندگان آنها رسیده و انجمن فین‌تک ایران نیز در حال حاضر از متن آن آگاهی لازم را دارد. او تاکید دارد هم‌اکنون نیاز به همدلی برای اجماع نظر همه فعالین در مورد این طرح حس می‌شود. آشتیانی می‌گوید طرح فعلی تغییرات زیادی نسبت به گذشته پیدا کرده و جملات نا امید کننده ای در آن اضافه شده است و آنها سعی دارند تا ابهامات و نکات تاریک آن را برطرف و روشن کنند.

آشتیانی می‌گوید آنها در تلاش هستند تا ممنوعیت مبادله رمز ارز را از متن نهایی که قرار است در مجلس ارائه شود حذف کنند چرا که تاکید دارند اگر این ممنوعیت وجود داشته باشد، کارشان در این مدت بیهوده بوده است. او همچنین تاکید دارد که آنها به موارد دیگری نیز دست پیدا کرده‌اند که امیدوار هستند در متن نهایی آورده شود:

«سعی داریم بانک مرکزی و سازمان بورس مرجع تدوین الزامات مبادلات رمز ارزها در داخل کشور باشد و وزارت صمت نیز مسئول صدور مجوز مزارع رمز ارزها شود. همچنین می‌خواهیم میزان درآمد رمز ارزها در کشور را شفاف سازی کنیم تا چراغ سبز بهتری نسبت به این فعالیت‌ها در کشور داده شود.»

به گفته آشتیانی ارزش کل بازار رمز ارز در دنیا ۳۵۰ میلیارد دلار و با گردش روزانه ۵۳ میلیارد دلار تخمین زده می‌شود و بیت کوین به تنهایی ۵۷ درصد این بازار را در اختیار دارد: «میزان استخراج سالیانه رمز ارز به طور قانونی و غیرقانونی در ایران ۲۸۵ میلیون دلار  تخمین زده می‌شود در حال حاضر از ۳۲۴ هزار بیت کوین استخراجی سالانه دنیا ۱۹۵۰۰ مورد در ایران استخراج می‌شود.»

او می‌گوید با توجه به این که تا به امروز وزارت نفت یک انشعاب به این صنعت نفروخته در تکاپوی این هستند تا گاز صنعتی را به دست ماینرها برسانند تا بتوانند از آن برای خودشان برق تولید کنند.

آشتیانی در پاسخ به این پرسش که آیا کمیسیون رمز ارز و بلاکچین سازمان نظام صنفی رایانه‌ای کشور به تنهایی و بدون آگاهی دیگر کمیسیون‌ها و نهادهای مرتبط با این حوزه پیرامون این طرح قدم برداشته یا خیر، می‌گوید که آنها نزدیک به دو سال پیش برای این موضوع پا پیش گذاشته‌اند و از آن زمان تا به امروز با نهادهای مختلف پیرامون کم و کیف آن صحبت کردند تا به بهترین نتیجه برسند.

او تاکید دارد که موضوعات رگولاتوری فقط مربوط به یک استان خاص نمی‌شود و این تصمیم‌گیری‌ها در لایه کشوری قرار می‌گیرد: «ساختار های انجمن‌ها و کمیسیون‌های تخصصی نصر کشوری برای پیشنهاد چنین طرح‌هایی بسیار بهتر است. هرچند ما از همان ابتدای راه تا به امروز همواره از تمام انجمن‌ها و کمیسیون‌های کوچکتر دعوت کردیم تا در کنار ما باشند.»

آشتیانی تاکید دارد که زحمات نصر کشور در کنار سایر تیم‌های مربوطه به مرحله نهایی خود نزدیک شده و در برهه زمانی حاضر باید تمام بازیگران این اکوسیستم به هم کمک کنند تا بتوان نتیجه بهتری را از طریق مجلس و قانون‌گذاری برای رمز ارزها حاصل کرد:

«درب کمیسیون بلاکچین و رمزارز نظام صنفی رایانه ای کشور به روی همه علاقه‌مندان به فعالیت و نقش آفرینی باز است و در صورت عدم حضور فعالین انتظار تاثیر گذاری کم لطفی خواهد بود و نشان از غرور دارد و نتیجه ای جز آسیب به کل زیست بوم ندارد.»


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