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Gold Analysis Thursday, March 25

Gold Analysis Thursday, March 25

The price of the global ounce of gold fluctuated around $ 1,735 at the beginning of Thursday and has not yet managed to cross the $ 5 range. The price is currently fluctuating within the indicator of the 200-hour moving average and is nearing the end of the symmetrical triangle pattern.
Given the low volatility trend of the RSI indicator, one can expect the price to move only if the resistance of $ 1,738 or support of $ 1,725 ​​is broken. On the other hand, the 78.6% Fibonacci level at $ 1,720 and the monthly price ceiling at $ 1,755 play the role of support and resistance levels, respectively.
If the price fails to maintain the corrective trend at the beginning of March and the US dollar index grows, then sellers will be able to control the market for a longer period of time.

Technical levels
Last price of the day: $ 1734.48
Daytime fluctuations: 0.48-
Daytime fluctuations (٪): 0.03-
Starting price: $ 1734.96
20-day moving average: $ 1726.26
50-day moving average: $ 1787.01
100-day moving average: $ 1826.41
200-day moving average: $ 1860.65
Yesterday's highest price: $ 1738.48
Yesterday's lowest price: $ 1723.86
Last week's highest price: $ 1755.59
Last week's lowest price: $ 1719.3
Last month's highest price: $ 1871.9
Last month's lowest price: $ 1717.24
Fibonacci 38.2. Daily: $ 1732.9
Fibonacci 61.8. Daily: $ 1729.44
Pivot S1 Daily: $ 1726.39
Pivot S2 Daily: $ 1717.81
Pivot S3 Daily: $ 1711.77
Pivot R1 Daily: $ 1741.01
Pivot R2 Daily: $ 1747.05
Pivot R3 Daily: $ 1755.63

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Check the GBPUSD trend

Check the GBPUSD trend

The short-term trend of the British pound against the US dollar is down, and the correction can continue until the 38.2% Fibonacci correction at the rate of $ 1,3642. These levels are expected to turn supportive and the GBPUSD currency pair to return upwards. From the buyers' point of view, if the GBPUSD crosses the above resistance level of $ 1,44016, the pair will be ready to hit $ 1,440 again.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market Wednesday, March 3

An overview of the cryptocurrency market Wednesday, March 3

Following a sharp drop that pushed the price of Bitcoin to $ 47,000, the currency traded back at $ 50,000. The Altcoins market is also mostly green today.

Bitcoin crossed the $ 50,000 resistance

After a sharp drop last week that brought Bitcoin below $ 43,000, the currency is slowly showing positive reactions as a new path opens up for the cows.

As reported yesterday, Bitcoin even broke the $ 50,000 level for a short time but could not maintain its momentum. The rejection of the price caused the currency to fall again and fall to the level of $ 47,000 (in Bitstamp).

Since then, Bitcoin has returned to this level once again, rising by about $ 3,000 to about $ 50,000. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 51477.

Technical indicators of the currency show that this particular price level is the first major resistance line in the uptrend of Bitcoin, so that BTC can cross the resistance levels of $ 52,500 and $ 55,000 after crossing this level.

If the price is rejected again, the support levels of $ 47,200, $ 46,600 and $ 44,750 can help.

Atrium reached $ 1,600

Most altcoins also saw unfavorable price movements last week, but were revisited in the last few days. Atrium, which has fallen to $ 1,300, has jumped nearly $ 300 since then and is now close to $ 1,600.

Cardano's 2% increase helped ADA remain third in the market value of digital assets. BinanceQueen (1%) and Ripple (2.5%) are also green in 24-hour timeframes. China Link has increased its value by 6% since yesterday and is currently priced above $ 30. The Polkadat also jumped 6.5 percent to trade at $ 38.

Nevertheless, Light Coin showed the most significant growth among the top ten currencies with a 12% increase. As a result, LTC is approaching the $ 200 mark.

Among the low and medium market value altcoins, the Energy Web Token had the best performance with 32% growth and reaching the $ 18 level. Ocean Protocol (22%), NEM (19%), Basic Attention Token (19%), Enjin Coin (18%), Phantom (13%), Decentraland (12%) and Ontology (11%) are next. they take.

Finally, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization remains above $ 1.5 trillion.

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USDCAD Tuesday, February 3

USDCAD Tuesday, February 3

The short-term trend of the US dollar against the Canadian dollar is neutral. The USDCAD pair is expected to return positively from the short-term price level of 1.2588. From the buyers' point of view, the break of 1.2880 could push the USDCAD to the resistance of 1.2994. However, if the pair crosses the partial support of 1.2684, USDCAD will be ready to hit the price level of 1.2588 again.

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