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The price of Ethereum could reach $ 10,000 in 2021

The price of Ethereum could reach $ 10,000 in 2021


According to veteran trader Scott Melker, Ethereum's "tremendous upside potential" could overshadow bitcoin, and Ethereum would perform better than bitcoin, at least in the short term.

Malker sees this period of Bitcoin price stabilization as the second cryptocurrency to reach new heights recently. Melker considers Ethereum's bullish potential to be a major factor in the recent bullish market.

He also revealed that over the past few months he has changed his medium-sized investment strategy from Bitcoin to Ether to take advantage of Atrium's "tremendous uptrend".

"It's like investing in the Internet for me in the early 1990s," Malker said. Ethereum could reach $ 10,000 by the end of 2021, Malker said.

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Rick Reader's special look at Bitcoin

Rick Reader's special look at Bitcoin

Asset management giant BlackRock has turned its attention to investing in Bitcoin!

According to Rick Rieder, chief investment officer at asset management giant BlackRock, the company has turned to investing in bitcoin as a replacement for value storage.

Reader commented on BlackRock's interest in an interview with CNBC's Squawk Box on Wednesday morning. He said the asset management giant had taken steps in the field of cryptography, but did not elaborate.

Reader said that people's interest in bitcoin is growing because people are looking for an alternative to store value. He added: "My impression is that this technology has evolved and the regulations in this area have improved to some extent, because some people consider it as part of their portfolio, a factor that causes prices to rise. ”

According to Reader, BlackRock has not yet made any offers on Bitcoin, but since it has a lot of money, allocating part of it to Ramzars "makes sense." However, he remained skeptical that anyone should invest a portion of their assets in Bitcoin.

"I do not consider a number to be allocated, as it depends on the rest of the portfolio," he said. "

As previously reported, given BlackRock's budget, monitoring records indicate that the company is about to buy Bitcoin.

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Key points of buying and selling ounces of gold Tuesday, February 16

Key points of buying and selling ounces of gold Tuesday, February 16

Offer: sell below 1812.50 with a first profit tick of 1789.00 and a second profit tick of 1782.00
Alternative offer (in case of price trend change) When the price penetrates above 1812.50, the price first starts moving towards 1818.00 and 1827.00.

Support and resistance points

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What is the Dow Jones Index and what does it do?

What is the Dow Jones Index and what does it do?


The Dow Jones Industrial Average is an industry average of the US stock index, abbreviated DJI, and shows price fluctuations of 30 companies operating in the United States.

This index was founded by Charles Dow almost a century ago, and that is exactly why investors use this index to compare their performance in the stock market.
What companies does Dow Jones consist of?
Shares of well-known American brands operating in finance, oil and gas, public services, consumer goods, technology and telecommunications, and skin care form a weighted price index.

This means that the shares of higher value companies will have a greater impact on market value, and similarly, lower value shares will have less value on market value. In other words, a stock with a higher value and volume constitutes 70% of the market value.

It is worth noting that the stocks of companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet are not included in this index due to the high weight of their revenue streams.
Dow Jones Index Applications

    It is a factor for monitoring market conditions. Because this index, as one of the main indicators, creates a correct understanding of the stock market for investors.
    Reduces investment risk. In fact, by buying this index, you can experience a diverse and low-risk investment.
    It is a factor in monitoring the performance of the investment. For example, if the profit from your portfolio is consistently higher than Dow Jones, it indicates that you have made the optimal investment, and vice versa.
    The future trend of stocks determines mutual funds and ETFs. In fact, given the beta, it can be measured that the market value of a company's stock against Dow Jones will increase or decrease.

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