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An overview of the cryptocurrency market today Tuesday, April 20

An overview of the cryptocurrency market today Tuesday, April 20


Bitcoin falls to 54 thousand dollars

As previously reported, the market's first cryptocurrency has recently experienced a sharp drop in price. The asset lost about $ 9,000 in value in a matter of hours, reaching its lowest level in three weeks at $ 51,500.

Within 24 hours, the currency was able to offset more than $ 6,000 in losses. This led to yesterday's highest figure above $ 57,500. However, the situation was reversed once again and the BTC plummeted.

The cryptocurrency has since lost more than $ 3,500 in value and is currently trading below $ 54,000. In addition, its market value has once again fallen below $ 1 trillion. This means that BTC has lost its key support level at 50 DMA. Lark Davis, an analyst and commentator on cryptocurrencies, estimates that the average is about 12 days.

Increasing market fluctuations have also caused more losses for traders. Bybt data show that more than $ 1.3 billion has been liquidated in the last 24 hours.

Technical indicators show that if bitcoin continues to fall freely, $ 51440 and $ 50,000 support lines will help the currency. If this trend is reversed, the asset should overcome resistance levels of $ 55,400, $ 56,280 and $ 58,355.

Dodge Quinn jumps in the bloody market today

Most replacement coins have followed in the footsteps of their leader in recent days, but their situation today is somewhat worse than BTC.

Atrium fell more than 7 percent on a 24-hour scale, falling below $ 2,100. Binance Quinn (6-%) has also fallen below $ 500. Ripple (-16%), Cardano (-10%), Polkadot (-13%), Litecoin (-10%), Bitcoin Cash (-13%), Uniswap (-8%) and Chainlink (-12%) today They are red.

Dodge Quinn has been able to continue its impressive performance today amid a massive drop in prices among the market altcoins, growing by 20% in 24-hour timeframes and by 455% in a one-week period, now reaching $ 0.40. As a result of these developments, DOGE has become the fifth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market value.

The situation among lower market value altcoins has fluctuated sharply today. For example, Helium has experienced a 22% drop in 24-hour timeframe. Nano (-20%), Kusama (-20%), Harmony (-17%), 0x (-17%), IOST (-17%), IOTA (-17%), OMG Network (-16%), Bitcoin Gold (-16%), Tezos (-15%) and Algorand (-15%) have also lost significant value.

Finally, the value of the cryptocurrency market has fallen below $ 2 trillion in one day by more than $ 150 billion.

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حمید راحت حق

An overview of the cryptocurrency market Saturday, April 17

An overview of the cryptocurrency market Saturday, April 17


Bitcoin recovers the $ 62,000 balance

After the last record set earlier this week at $ 65,000, the market's top cryptocurrency reversed its trajectory and gradually declined.

As we reported, Turkey will ban the use of digital assets as a means of payment. Following the news, the market price of the first cryptocurrency fell more than $ 4,000.

This led to a daily price drop of more than $ 60,000 (on Bitstamp). However, the cows regained control and did not allow the price to fall below this level. On the contrary, BTC has jumped around $ 2,000 since then and is now above $ 62,000.

Technical indicators suggest that the first barriers to bitcoin resistance are at $ 62,500, $ 63,766 and the $ 65,000 record. Conversely, if the price falls, the asset could rely on support levels of $ 61780 and $ 60,000.


Bitcoin Cash returns to the top 10 currencies

Most replacement coins in the market mimicked yesterday's BTC performance with a significant decline. However, today they are mostly in the green space. Atrium fell more than $ 150 yesterday, but jumped 3% to its $ 2,500 record.


Bainance Quinn, which closed its 15th quarter token burning yesterday, fell below $ 530. However, BNB has grown by more than 5% and is now trading at around $ 540. Ripple (1%), Cardano (2%), Polkadot (2%) and Uniswap (1.5%) are also green. LightCoin and ChinaLink rose 13 percent and 6 percent to $ 323 and $ 43, respectively.


Dogecoin continued its impressive performance and is now trading above $ 0.3. Yesterday, this popular Meem Quinn reached more than $ 0.4 and its highest historical record.

Bitcoin Cache also showed the best performance among high-value cryptocurrencies with a dramatic 25% increase in 24-hour timeframes. As a result of these developments, BCH re-entered the top 10 currencies in the market with a price tag of $ 1,150.


Siacoin (76%), Nano (70%), Ethereum Classic (50%), Verge (45%), Vechain (41%), DigiByte (35%), Neo (20%), Ankr (20%) and Zilliqa (20%) have also been bullish today.

Finally, the cumulative market value of total cryptographic assets has increased by $ 100 billion since yesterday.

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حمید راحت حق

An overview of the cryptocurrency market Wednesday, March 3

An overview of the cryptocurrency market Wednesday, March 3

Following a sharp drop that pushed the price of Bitcoin to $ 47,000, the currency traded back at $ 50,000. The Altcoins market is also mostly green today.

Bitcoin crossed the $ 50,000 resistance

After a sharp drop last week that brought Bitcoin below $ 43,000, the currency is slowly showing positive reactions as a new path opens up for the cows.

As reported yesterday, Bitcoin even broke the $ 50,000 level for a short time but could not maintain its momentum. The rejection of the price caused the currency to fall again and fall to the level of $ 47,000 (in Bitstamp).

Since then, Bitcoin has returned to this level once again, rising by about $ 3,000 to about $ 50,000. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 51477.

Technical indicators of the currency show that this particular price level is the first major resistance line in the uptrend of Bitcoin, so that BTC can cross the resistance levels of $ 52,500 and $ 55,000 after crossing this level.

If the price is rejected again, the support levels of $ 47,200, $ 46,600 and $ 44,750 can help.

Atrium reached $ 1,600

Most altcoins also saw unfavorable price movements last week, but were revisited in the last few days. Atrium, which has fallen to $ 1,300, has jumped nearly $ 300 since then and is now close to $ 1,600.

Cardano's 2% increase helped ADA remain third in the market value of digital assets. BinanceQueen (1%) and Ripple (2.5%) are also green in 24-hour timeframes. China Link has increased its value by 6% since yesterday and is currently priced above $ 30. The Polkadat also jumped 6.5 percent to trade at $ 38.

Nevertheless, Light Coin showed the most significant growth among the top ten currencies with a 12% increase. As a result, LTC is approaching the $ 200 mark.

Among the low and medium market value altcoins, the Energy Web Token had the best performance with 32% growth and reaching the $ 18 level. Ocean Protocol (22%), NEM (19%), Basic Attention Token (19%), Enjin Coin (18%), Phantom (13%), Decentraland (12%) and Ontology (11%) are next. they take.

Finally, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization remains above $ 1.5 trillion.

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حمید راحت حق

An overview of the cryptocurrency market Wednesday, February 24

An overview of the cryptocurrency market Wednesday, February 24


After another volatile day, BTC was able to recover some of its lost value today and trade at $ 50,000. Most alternative coins have also breathed a sigh of relief, and the value of the cryptocurrency market has risen by more than $ 130 billion.

Bitcoin once again touched $ 50,000

It can be said with confidence that BTC is having better days than in the last 96 hours. The cryptocurrency recently set a new record at $ 58,400, but the bears did not allow the price to rise further, pushing Bitcoin to more than $ 13,000, hitting $ 45,000.

Yesterday, the market's top cryptocurrency was initially close to $ 50,000, but adverse price movements pushed the asset back to $ 47,000.

Since then, BTC has improved somewhat. The price of Bitcoin even reached $ 51,500, but is now trading at around $ 50,400 with a slight decrease.

If Bitcoin can successfully overcome the resistance of $ 50,000, then it will face significant resistance at $ 51,500 and $ 52,000. If the price falls again, levels of $ 48,000, $ 47,000 and $ 44,750 could help the currency.

Altcoins trying to recover the price

In the latest market corrections, most replacement coins fell even more than BTC. Atrium fell below $ 1,400 from its $ 2040 record. However, ETH did not fall below its record price floor and is now trading at around $ 1650.

Binance Coin The Binance Coin also fell sharply to around $ 200 but has since risen to $ 270. Polkadat (1.5%) and China Link (2%) have also turned green in the last 24 hours.

In contrast, Ripple (-7%), Light Coin (5%) and Bitcoin Cash (-5%) are still losing value.

Stacks (31%), THORChain (25%), Phantom (25%), UNUS SED LEO (22%), Solana (-17%), Compound (15%), Terra (12%), THETA (11%) And Aave (10%) are among the less valuable market currencies that have seen significant growth today.

As a result, the cumulative capital of the cryptocurrency market also returned somewhat from yesterday's low, rising $ 130 billion to $ 1.51 trillion.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market Monday, February 22

An overview of the cryptocurrency market  Monday, February 22

After the last bitcoin price record of about $ 58,000, the currency returned to the $ 55,000 floor with more than $ 3,000 correction. Most replacement coins also lost some value, and Atrium fell below $ 1,900.

$ 3000 Bitcoin drop

The first cryptocurrency on the market had a very positive week, with the stock rising more than $ 12,000 in the past few days, from a record low of $ 46,000 to several consecutive records. The last record was set yesterday after BTC reached $ 58,400, which is currently the highest price level in the history of this currency.

However, the bears took action at this stage and did not allow the currency to rise further. Thus, within a few hours, Bitcoin lost more than $ 3,000 in value and reached $ 55,000.

However, BTC has recovered some of that lost value and is currently above the $ 56,000 mark.

Technical indicators show that if the price continues to improve, Bitcoin could gain more support at the levels of $ 55,000, $ 52,365 and $ 50,800. Instead, BTC must cross the $ 57,500 and $ 58,350 resistance lines before entering a new unknown territory.

Atrium below $ 1900 and Ripple jump to $ 0.60

Most large altcoins have started a correction process again in the last 24 hours. Atrium, which hit an all-time high of $ 2050 on Saturday, has lost about $ 200 since then and is currently trading below $ 1,900.

Polkadat has also seen a 2% decline in the last 24 hours. Cardano (5%), LightQueen (1%) and China Link (4%) are all red today.

Binance Quinn reached $ 280 after a 6% increase and partially offset yesterday's loss. However, Ripple rose 20 percent to above $ 0.60 and showed the best performance.
As usual, lower market value altcoins have seen more volatility. The Pundi X went green today with a 53% increase, followed by IOST (48%), Fantom (40%), Holo (35%), OKB (30%), BitTorrent (22%) and Terra (18%). ) Placed.

In contrast, Ontology has lost most of its value (-12%) since yesterday. SushiSwap (-12%), Ravencoin (-11%), Horizen (-11%), 1inch (-11%), THORChain (-10%) and Uniswap (-10%) are also in the next ranks. .

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market Friday, February 19

An overview of the cryptocurrency market  Friday, February 19

Over the past 24 hours, we have seen new records being recorded among cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin climbed above $ 52,500 with Atrium and Bainance Coin breaking new records.
A new record for Bitcoin

The currency resumed its uptrend after Bitcoin fell to $ 46,000 on Monday. As reported in the early days of this week, BTC entered the $ 50,000 channel for the first time and has not fallen significantly since. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin reached its last record at $ 52,600 (on Bitstamp), entering the $ 52,000 area, and continued to rise.

With this record, BTC was only $ 20 billion away from reaching a market value of $ 1 billion. However, after a slight increase yesterday, with the addition of altcoins to this uptrend, bitcoin dominance has once again decreased to 61%.

New records for other altcoins

As mentioned above, most of the replacement coins in the last 24 hours were in line with the upward trend in the market. Atrium is leading the way with a 6% increase. Binance Quinn also reached above $ 180 with its record breaking again. This asset has increased in price by about 350% since January 27 (February 28).

Polkadot (3%), Cardano (10%), Ripple (4%), Litecoin (6%) and Bitcoin Cash (1.5%) are also among the top 10 currencies in the market today.

The situation has been similarly high among lower market value altcoins. Bancor (40%), Venus (34%), Horizen (33%), PancakeSwap (33%), Phantom (26%) and Polygon (25%) are in the double-digit currency group.

Naturally, this overall price increase also means setting a new record in the total value of the crypto market. The market value of all encrypted assets approached $ 1.6 trillion. The index has risen more than $ 700 billion since mid-January.

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