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Micro-investor opinion: Cardano is higher than Bitcoin

Micro-investor opinion: Cardano is higher than Bitcoin

According to a recent survey by cryptocurrency broker Voyager Digital, US investors' outlook on Cardano (ADA) is much higher than that of the market's leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC).

The company's digital asset investor sentiment poll, first published by the Decrypt news website, shows that 31.9% of investors surveyed are more bullish than Cardano, while 22.2% are BTC. Have been selected instead of ADA. The results came as Cardano hit a record low of $ 1.5 last month, becoming the fourth-largest currency in terms of market value.

Steve Ehrlich, CEO of Voyager Digital, said:

"Sure, everyone is talking about bitcoin these days, but to name Cardano ahead of the currency is really a big surprise."

Ehrlich added that this sentiment reflects the "passion" that the company's users have for cryptographic assets. After Bitcoin, investors had the "most bullish outlook" on Atrium (12.2%) and Polkadat (6.3%). According to him, the results show that the diversity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem has increased, because investors have more assets to choose from.

The survey of 1385 investors in the United States found that most participants expect the price of bitcoin to reach $ 51,000 to $ 60,000 by the end of this month, in addition to the fact that 80% of respondents said they intend to Buy more bitcoins this month.

The results of the Cardano poll were somewhat predictable, as the cryptocurrency has risen more than 500 percent this year, drawing the attention of small investors.

It is worth mentioning that the search for this cryptocurrency also exceeded the highest figure recorded in 2017 last month, and since then, this upward trend has continued. A Google search for a cryptocurrency is often used to assess the interest of small investors in that currency.

Cardano's price has risen to $ 1.11 after a massive correction from its highest price level of about $ 1.5.

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Cardano Analysis (ADA) Wednesday, March 10

Cardano Analysis (ADA) Wednesday, March 10

Matt Cardano Digital has taken a low-swing trend after crossing the border of the regular triangle pattern. According to this model, Cardano has a goal of $ 1.56.
According to the IOMAP chart, Cardano is on the rise in the absence of strong resistance. However, the $ 1.15 to $ 1.18 resistance range is particularly important. In this price range, over 2.1 billion Cardanos have been purchased by 38,250 user accounts.
Prices are currently above the level of a significant self-stabilization support. According to the IOMAP chart, about 147,000 accounts have purchased 5.1 billion of these digital currencies in the $ 1.11 to $ 1.15 range.

Looking at the four-hour timeframe, we notice the formation of a regular triangle pattern and its breaking. According to this pattern, the price is likely to grow by 34% to $ 1.56. Despite the breaking of this pattern, the uptrend of stability is still not formed. On the other hand, stabilizing the high price of moving average indicators is necessary to form an uptrend.
Similarly, if the MACD indicator is above the signal line, then the $ 1.56 target can be predicted with more confidence.
On the other hand, if the price penetrates below the levels of 50 and 100 moving average indicators in the four-hour time frame, a downward trend is formed and if the price returns to the triangle pattern range, one can expect a further fall in price.

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