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GBPUSD trend analysis Friday, June 25

GBPUSD trend analysis Friday, June 25
The pound is involved in long-term resistance


The GBPUSD weekly chart has returned above the 20-day moving average and is facing selling pressures from the broken support line. The GBPUSD daily chart is also under pressure from $ 1,3961 and may fall to support at $ 1,3678. In the four-hour GBPUSD chart, the British pound has returned to support at $ 1.39. This trend rate is consistent with Fibonacci levels. Intensifying sell-offs could push the euro to its first support at $ 1,3859 and then to $ 1,3812.

But if the British pound jumps from current levels, it will face resistance at $ 1.4011 and the next resistance of the pound will be $ 1.4069.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market Wednesday, February 24

An overview of the cryptocurrency market Wednesday, February 24


After another volatile day, BTC was able to recover some of its lost value today and trade at $ 50,000. Most alternative coins have also breathed a sigh of relief, and the value of the cryptocurrency market has risen by more than $ 130 billion.

Bitcoin once again touched $ 50,000

It can be said with confidence that BTC is having better days than in the last 96 hours. The cryptocurrency recently set a new record at $ 58,400, but the bears did not allow the price to rise further, pushing Bitcoin to more than $ 13,000, hitting $ 45,000.

Yesterday, the market's top cryptocurrency was initially close to $ 50,000, but adverse price movements pushed the asset back to $ 47,000.

Since then, BTC has improved somewhat. The price of Bitcoin even reached $ 51,500, but is now trading at around $ 50,400 with a slight decrease.

If Bitcoin can successfully overcome the resistance of $ 50,000, then it will face significant resistance at $ 51,500 and $ 52,000. If the price falls again, levels of $ 48,000, $ 47,000 and $ 44,750 could help the currency.

Altcoins trying to recover the price

In the latest market corrections, most replacement coins fell even more than BTC. Atrium fell below $ 1,400 from its $ 2040 record. However, ETH did not fall below its record price floor and is now trading at around $ 1650.

Binance Coin The Binance Coin also fell sharply to around $ 200 but has since risen to $ 270. Polkadat (1.5%) and China Link (2%) have also turned green in the last 24 hours.

In contrast, Ripple (-7%), Light Coin (5%) and Bitcoin Cash (-5%) are still losing value.

Stacks (31%), THORChain (25%), Phantom (25%), UNUS SED LEO (22%), Solana (-17%), Compound (15%), Terra (12%), THETA (11%) And Aave (10%) are among the less valuable market currencies that have seen significant growth today.

As a result, the cumulative capital of the cryptocurrency market also returned somewhat from yesterday's low, rising $ 130 billion to $ 1.51 trillion.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market today Tuesday, February 23

An overview of the cryptocurrency market today Tuesday, February 23

In the last 24 hours, we have once again witnessed the emergence of a very unstable nature of the crypto market. Bitcoin has pioneered this trend with a significant drop of $ 11,000. Most of the alternative coins also went downhill, eventually losing more than $ 260 billion in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin falls again to 50 thousand dollars

A popular saying in the cryptocurrency market is "this market is never stagnant or boring." Now, in the last 24 hours, the term has become more prominent, but this time with a negative aspect. Bitcoin had recently reached its highest price at $ 58,400, and although everything seemed quite bullish for this asset, the situation changed completely within a few hours.

BTC lost about $ 11,000 in 24-hour timeframes, reaching a daily low of $ 47,500. Shortly after the massive decline, the cows took control of the market, bringing the cryptocurrency to $ 55,000.

However, Bitcoin failed to sustain this improvement and once again fell below $ 50,000. At the time of writing, the market's top cryptocurrency is being reconsidered and is currently trading at $ 47,920.

Finally, the bitcoin market capitalization fell by more than $ 100 billion in one day, reaching below $ 1 trillion.

Sea of ​​Blood in the Altcoins Market

As in the past, the price correction trend in the Altcoin market is more intense than in Bitcoin. Atrium dropped more than 15 percent in 24-hour timeframe to $ 1,600. Due to the fact that the price of this leading currency was more than $ 2040 in just a few days, following this fall, Ether (ETH) has lost more than $ 400 in a few days.

Bainance Quinn, which recently hit a new record at around $ 350, also fell to $ 235. Polkadot (-8%), Cardano (-5%), Ripple (-12%), Litecoin (-15%), Chainlink (-17%) are all red today.

The highest price drop today in Altoquins such as Dodo (-25%), Elrond (-24%), Siacoin (-23%), IOST (-23%), 1inch (-23%), Ontology (-22%) , Aave (-20%), Curve Dao Token (-20%), Waves (-20%), and BitTorrent (-20%).

As a result of recent price movements in the crypto market, the total value of the crypto market has fallen by more than $ 260 billion to $ 1.5 trillion.

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Economic calendar Monday, February 8

Economic calendar Monday, February 8


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USDCHF Tuesday, January 26

USDCHF Tuesday, January 26



The short-term trend of the US dollar against the Swiss franc is neutral. From the buyers' point of view, a definite resistance break of 0.8925 could indicate the formation of a short-term price floor at 0.8756. In this case, the short-term trend of the USDCHF pair will rise to the level of 38.2% Fibonacci at 0.9193. However, if the USDCHF falls below the partial support of 0.8821, the pair can maintain its short-term downtrend and the USDCHF will be ready to re-hit the price level of 0.8756.

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