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Review of Apple Stock Performance (AAPL) on the last trading day

Review of Apple Stock Performance (AAPL) on the last trading day

Shares of Apple Corps (NASDAQ: AAPL) closed up 0.12% at $ 129.87 on the last trading day. The overall stock market followed an uptrend on Friday, with the Nasdaq Composite Index (COMP) rising 0.07% to 13,874.46. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) closed unchanged at 31,494.32. Friday's uptrend offset the three-day decline in Apple shares. On the other hand, Apple shares closed $ 15.22 lower than their highest 52-week high ($ 145.09) on January 25.
Let's compare the performance of some of Apple's competitors. For example, the stock of Microsoft (MSFT) fell 1.16% to $ 240.97. Alphabet (GOOGL) fell 0.81% to $ 2,088.81 and IBM fell 1.44% to $ 118.99.
Apple stock traded at $ 86.8 million, down $ 16.5 million from its 50-day moving average ($ 103.3 million).

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market Friday, February 19

An overview of the cryptocurrency market  Friday, February 19

Over the past 24 hours, we have seen new records being recorded among cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin climbed above $ 52,500 with Atrium and Bainance Coin breaking new records.
A new record for Bitcoin

The currency resumed its uptrend after Bitcoin fell to $ 46,000 on Monday. As reported in the early days of this week, BTC entered the $ 50,000 channel for the first time and has not fallen significantly since. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin reached its last record at $ 52,600 (on Bitstamp), entering the $ 52,000 area, and continued to rise.

With this record, BTC was only $ 20 billion away from reaching a market value of $ 1 billion. However, after a slight increase yesterday, with the addition of altcoins to this uptrend, bitcoin dominance has once again decreased to 61%.

New records for other altcoins

As mentioned above, most of the replacement coins in the last 24 hours were in line with the upward trend in the market. Atrium is leading the way with a 6% increase. Binance Quinn also reached above $ 180 with its record breaking again. This asset has increased in price by about 350% since January 27 (February 28).

Polkadot (3%), Cardano (10%), Ripple (4%), Litecoin (6%) and Bitcoin Cash (1.5%) are also among the top 10 currencies in the market today.

The situation has been similarly high among lower market value altcoins. Bancor (40%), Venus (34%), Horizen (33%), PancakeSwap (33%), Phantom (26%) and Polygon (25%) are in the double-digit currency group.

Naturally, this overall price increase also means setting a new record in the total value of the crypto market. The market value of all encrypted assets approached $ 1.6 trillion. The index has risen more than $ 700 billion since mid-January.

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Fundamental analysis of the US dollar

Fundamental analysis of the US dollar

Why does the US dollar index not fall?
While we have seen a steady decline in the US dollar index over the past ten months, last week's fluctuations have shown how the US dollar will strengthen. Investors are flocking to US Treasury securities as volatility intensifies and risk aversion flows across markets. Last week, the VIX index recorded its highest overnight jump in three years. The index reflects the fear of US stock market investors.
Risk aversion supported Treasury bills and the US dollar. Also, from the beginning of 2021, we are witnessing the formation of a price floor in the US dollar index. The US dollar index is looking for a price floor as the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ stock indices have risen during this period. The reason for the US dollar index floor is changes in the rate of return on treasury bonds. The market has long focused on changes in Treasury bond yields. Biden's new financial package has boosted Treasury yields. Rising Treasury yields and the Federal Reserve's gradual exit from expansionary monetary policy could benefit the US dollar. That is why the US dollar index has been able to maintain its position for now.
It is unclear whether Biden's $ 1.9 trillion financial package will be approved by mid-March. The size of this package may also change. This means that investors may be disappointed in the medium term. Meanwhile, the entry of micro-investors into the shares of companies that have recently been sold by mutual funds (Short Sell or borrowing sales) has caused a heavy loss to investment funds, which may cause them to go bankrupt. Bankruptcy of large investment funds could turn into a new financial crisis in the United States. This week, US dollar traders need to look at US economic indicators in addition to GME and AMC stock fluctuations.

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Bitcoin failed to break the $ 35,000 resistance level

Bitcoin failed to break the $ 35,000 resistance level



In the last 24 hours, the Bitcoin digital currency (BTC) has fallen again after another unsuccessful attempt to reach the $ 35,000 channel and is currently trying to maintain levels above $ 31,000. Most Altcoins, following their leader, also experienced a downward trend, with the total value of the digital currency market falling by about $ 80 billion over the past 24 hours.

In the last few days, after the price of Bitcoin fell below $ 29,000, this digital currency was able to increase its price up to $ 35,000 by taking an upward trend. However, while the cows were preparing to further increase the price of bitcoin, the bears took control of the market and pushed the digital currency back.

In the following hours, Bitcoin lost about $ 4,000 and fell to $ 31,000. Technical indicators show that the $ 31,000 level is the first post-correction support level that Bitcoin can rely on. In the event of a further drop in the price of Bitcoin, this digital currency will test the next support level at $ 30,760 before it reaches the psychological level of $ 30,000.

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