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The first Bitcoin investment fund in the Middle East was launched at Nasdaq Dubai

The first Bitcoin investment fund in the Middle East was launched at Nasdaq Dubai

https://bayanbox.ir/view/326139722444298430/bitcoin-%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AD%D8%AA-%D8%AD%D9%82.jpg Canadian digital asset fund management company 3iQ has announced the launch of the Middle East region's first bitcoin mutual fund on the Dubai Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

New Bitcoin Market

While the number of Bitcoin investors is growing worldwide, the opening of a Bitcoin fund could pave the way for a new influx of capital from one of the richest regions of the world into the currency market.

Investors can gain access to bitcoin price movements more than ever by buying the fund's investment units. Currently, in addition to the ability to buy directly from the Dubai Nasdaq market, it is possible to move units from the Toronto Stock Exchange to the Dubai Nasdaq. It is worth mentioning that after the beginning of trading the shares of this fund, the price of each share increased very fast by 11% and from $ 34.57 the initial price reached $ 38.40.

Frederick Pye, CEO of 3iQ, expressed satisfaction with the decision, saying that although the move comes as Bitcoin has lost more than 50 percent of its value in just a few weeks, Investors in the fund are likely to be in a "win-win" position in the event of a possible price increase in the summer.

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50 Korean companies apply for a new license in the field of cryptocurrencies

50 Korean companies apply for a new license in the field of cryptocurrencies


Fifty South Korean-based cryptocurrency companies have applied for a new Information Security Management System (ISMS) license. The license is issued by the South Korean government and certifies companies that meet strict standards of information protection and privacy.

This regulation will come into force in September 2021 and is one of the first licenses for digital currency trading in Korea. With a large number of young people active in the digital currency market, it has the largest digital currency trading population in the world.

 The Korean government has introduced or is about to introduce laws to better regulate local digital currency markets.

ISMS is one of them. This license evaluates jobs according to various criteria - including overall risk management, access control, server and security management, and more. 20 local exchanges have already received ISMS certification, including UpBit and Kobit, and 30 other exchanges have applied and are waiting in line.

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Dogecoin] was [listed on the {Coinbase Pro} exchange

Dogecoin was listed on the Coinbase Pro exchange


The latest reports suggest that the Coinbase Pro trading platform has begun accepting popular Doecoin transfers.

If there is sufficient liquidity, trading in this currency will begin at 4 pm Global Coordinated Time (UTC) on June 3.

Dogecoin currently outperforms all 10 of the market's top 10 cryptocurrencies (according to CoinMarketCap) by 6%.

The listing is largely priced by the market, as Coinbase announced last month that Dogecoin would be traded. Ilan Musk tweeted in March that the largest US exchange had to activate Dogecoin transactions on the platform.

The Gemini Exchange, led by the Winklows brothers, announced its support for DOGE in early May, along with several other platforms.

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JP Morgan CEO called on regulators to pay attention to the crypto market

JP Morgan CEO called on regulators to pay attention to the crypto market


Jimmy Damon, CEO of JPMorgan, during an May 6 interview with ICI President and CEO Eric J. Pan, called on regulators to pay more attention to digital currencies before the crypto market grows too large to tame. To be.

"Because when it's $ 3 trillion, then $ 4 trillion, then $ 5 trillion. "When grandmothers start buying it and people steal it and ransomware is everywhere, you wonder why you did not enact a law for them."

Demon, who is not yet a supporter of Bitcoin, claimed that it was time for a "legal, regulatory and tax-related framework" for the class, given the fact that the crypto market value now exceeds $ 2 trillion. Design a new asset:

"I'm not a fan of bitcoin, but it does not matter. There should be a legal, regulatory and tax-related framework for crypto. It is now worth $ 2 trillion. "When do they want to say, 'My God, is this market worth our attention?'"

Damon had previously stated that JP Morgan customers are interested in bitcoin.

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Euro analysis ,May 3

Euro analysis ,May 3


Is the downward correction of the euro temporary?

There are positive signs of a rapid recovery in the global economy. The global economy is compensating for the recession caused by the Corona crisis. This means that demand for the US dollar (safe haven) will decrease and risky assets such as the euro and commodity currencies will strengthen.
Last week, US economic data showed rapid growth of 6.4 percent in the first quarter of 2021. April US data also showed good US economic growth. Eurozone economic indicators are also promising, and German inflation has strengthened. All this news is in favor of the EURUSD currency pair. However, the market may need a break to continue the bullish EURUSD rally. Following the bearish correction, the euro is expected to climb again to the $ 1.22 trend level and the February 25 high around $ 1.2250.
Next week, the market will focus on UK and US economic data. This means that the euro will be more affected by fluctuations in the EURGBP and EURUSD. The Bank of England and US NFP data will be released this week. It is also necessary to pay attention to the final report of the PMI and retail zones of the euro area and the industrial production index.

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A $ 1 billion investment in cryptography by Andreessen Horowitz is on the way.

A $ 1 billion investment in cryptography by Andreessen Horowitz is on the way.


VC plans to raise a significant amount of money for cryptocurrency investments.

According to an article in the Financial Times or FT, VC company Andreessen Horowitz reports that it is now raising funds for another fund, given its previous involvement in cryptography.

"The new fund is the third that Andrissen has focused on investing in cryptocurrencies," FT wrote on Friday. "Given the knowledge of the four people about the process, his goal is to raise $ 800 million to $ 1 billion from investors."

Venture Capital, or VC, also operates under the name a16z. It is active in cryptography and blockchain and has invested in a number of projects. The program aims to divert the fund's capital to crypto and digital asset projects, the FT reported.

VC was also a heavy investor in Coinbase, which was recently released on April 14. According to the FT, Anderson sold about $ 120 million of his Coinbase stock, although he had about $ 11 billion in assets at the time of listing.

In April 2020, news headlines were published about the $ 450 million follow-up by the foundation for the second special fund. The company eventually secured $ 515 million.

The entire cryptographic space has seen significant capital inflows throughout the year. The valuation of the market ceiling shows the industry's $ 2 trillion in assets, which it achieved in April 2021.

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Stock Exchange Commission (SEC): Are Ripple activities related to XRP token price?

Stock Exchange Commission (SEC): Are Ripple activities related to XRP token price?


Ripple's exploratory feuds with the US Securities and Exchange Commission are heating up with another letter to Judge Sarah Netborn, defending the decision to contact foreign lawmakers.

The agency claims that it seeks information from overseas entities to refute some of the company's key defenses.

In particular, it is trying to find out whether Ripple activities are related to the price of the XRP token. Obtaining daily trading data from foreign exchange offices is the only way to determine this. Because defendants claim that they are the only sources of pricing information:

"In addition, there is a growing demand for evidence for Ripple's defense. One of these cases is Ripple's defense, which claims that the price of XRP is not determined by Ripple activity. D.E. "51 ¶ 13, a defense to which the daily trading price of XRP on foreign platforms (used by Ripple, which Ripple says is the only source of this pricing information) is unquestionably relevant."

The SEC application is not legally binding

The Securities and Exchange Commission claims to be seeking information from 20 foreign entities and their affiliates.

The statement said foreign entities could reject MOU requests if they thought they were "heavy" or "inappropriate".

Ripple's lawyers claimed in their letter that more than 20 SEC targets are based in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Japan, countries where local lawmakers have recognized that XRP is not a security.

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Active Ethereum addresses grew dramatically last week Saturday, April 24

Active Ethereum addresses grew dramatically last week Saturday, April 24


A chart provided by the popular analytics company Glassnode says that the number of active ETH addresses has steadily increased since the beginning of this year.

But last week saw strong growth, from 518,270 on April 15 to 701,974 on April 21.

The next day, April 22, the second largest digital currency at the BitAstam exchange reached a record $ 2,575.

The launch of the three Ethereum ETFs, which began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada on April 20, was partly due to the price increase.

For now, however, Ethereum has fallen and is trading at $ 2,272, according to CoinMarketCap.

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Economic calendar Tuesday, April 20

Economic calendar  Tuesday, April 20


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Polygon and Aave partner to launch $ 40 million cash extraction

Polygon and Aave partner to launch $ 40 million cash extraction


Polygon has partnered with Aave to launch a liquidity extraction program for the scalability and growth of the Defy world in Atrium. The program will use 1% of MATIC network resources worth about $ 40 million.

It should be noted that Aave is an emerging Defy platform valued at more than $ 6 billion. Polygon, on the other hand, is a leader in providing Difai solutions that has worked with many of Difai's leading projects. For example, Polygon has worked on projects such as Polymarket, Sushiswap and InstaDapp.

In fact, Polygon intends to help address some of the weaknesses that currently limit the efficiency of transactions in the Atrium network. In particular, Atrium is grappling with scalability constraints that have led to high density and high cost of smart contract management platforms.

Astani Kolchov, founder and CEO of Aave, commented on the partnership:

"If the defense is great, but limited to five-digit and higher securities, it will neglect its mission of financing everyone. "Polygon makes this possible and makes Defy available to a wider audience around the world."

However, the challenges facing the Atrium network act as a reflection of the platform's popularity. To date, Atrium supports at least 200 decentralized applications, 15 million transactions and more than 300,000 wallet addresses.

Therefore, the collaboration of Polygon and Aave is crucial to help increase the scalability of the atrium and make the diff available to all. However, to achieve this goal, both have committed to a two-phase strategy.

In fact, the 1% supply of MATIC will be split evenly between the two phases. The first stage will run from today, April 14 (April 25) to June 14, 2021 (June 24) at 12:00 local time. Subsequently, the second phase will take place from June 14 (June 24) to April 13, 2022 (April 24, 1401), both at 12:00 local time. It should be noted that each phase will include about $ 18 million in bonuses.

It will also be supported by Polygon Decentralized Exchanges, including Quickswap and ComethSwap. These two decentralized exchanges dedicate part of their tokens to setting up farms for Aave Receipt Tokens. Comes Swap is also working on extracting triple liquidity to create an extra layer of space for Polygon users.

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