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Bitcoin lovers are raising funds to make a documentary to support it

Bitcoin lovers are raising funds to make a documentary to support it

https://bayanbox.ir/view/1831300906362145221/Bitcoinlovers-%D8%B1%D8%A7%D8%AD%D8%AA-%D8%AD%D9%82.jpg As news of Bitcoin's devastating environmental impact grows, a group of investors and supporters to defend the world's largest digital asset is filming a FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) documentary with the help of massive investment, from Defend the world's largest digital asset.

It was first announced on Twitter by Brad Mills, an investor, podcast host and bitcoin fanatic, that the film aims to serve as a definitive argument for "why Bitcoin puts the world into renewable energy." "Transfers faster than governments."

Miles's choice for director is Jamie King, best known for STEAL THIS FILM, a documentary series about BitTorrent and one of the first examples of massive free investment and sharing. In an interview with Cointelegraph, King said that the story of bitcoin energy consumption has come into play.

"The idea for this new project, for which we are now raising funds, came as a result of increasing attention to bitcoin energy consumption. "Obviously, this comes from Ilan Musk announcing that he will not accept bitcoins for his cars right now, and this is part of the FUD that we are seeing more and more repeated."

Earlier this week, billionaire Ilan Musk tweeted that Tesla would no longer accept bitcoins for payment. A theory that made accusations of hypocrisy, but their content was reflected in the mainstream media.

Despite Ilan's struggles, it is difficult to calculate the amount of "dirty" energy consumption by Bitcoin, and even estimates based on Chinese consumption may only paint a harsh picture.

Regardless, King and crew are not trying to argue that Bitcoin is a clean, green technology.

"I think it's important to know that bitcoin uses a lot of energy. This is part of its design. "The question we have to ask is, is it worth it?"

King said those who instinctively answer "no" to this question may not have done their research, and in the broader social, political and economic context, the state of bitcoin energy consumption is obvious.

So far, the community has reacted warmly, raising bitcoins in just 48 hours. King also notes that while the Bitcoin Lightning Network did not receive the expected acceptance, small sponsors began to flock after the Lightning project was launched.

"I guess what we can see is that Lighting is very real for small bitcoin donations, I'm glad to say," he joked.

In the end, King's goal is not to throw mud at the FUD-stars, but to educate and excel the film.

"I do not want to just argue with the idea that this is a waste of energy. Rather, it creates something that inspires people to know that Bitcoin is truly amazing. That means breaking the FUD with a higher goal! "

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Weekly analysis of global gold news and ounce prices Sunday, April 25

Weekly analysis of global gold news and ounce prices Sunday, April 25


The price of an ounce of world gold started a downward trend yesterday after hitting the price ceiling of $ 1,795, with a fall of 0.3 to the level of $ 1,778.

The most important reason for this decline is the 2% increase in the yield on US Treasury bonds to 1.567%.

Private-sector economic activity in the United States rose significantly in April from a month earlier, according to figures released by IHS Markit. However, part of the report noted that producers were concerned about Inflation is raising prices.

New home sales in the United States rose about 20.7% in March. Analysts, meanwhile, forecast growth of 12.8 percent.
Currently, the US dollar index is on a downward trend in the range of 91 units, and this could prevent further fall in gold prices.

Technical levels

Last price of the day: $ 1781.61
Daytime fluctuations: 2.51-
Daytime fluctuations (٪): 0.14-
Starting price: $ 1784.12


20-day moving average: $ 1744.16
50-day moving average: $ 1748.33
100-day moving average: $ 1804.1
200-day moving average: $ 1857.18


Yesterday's highest price: $ 1797.93
Lowest price yesterday: $ 1777.48
Last week's highest price: $ 1783.85
Last week's lowest price: $ 1723.8
Last month's highest price: $ 1759.98
Last month's lowest price: $ 1676.87
Fibonacci 38.2. Daily: $ 1785.29
Fibonacci 61.8. Daily: $ 1790.12

Pivot S1 Daily: $ 1775.09
Pivot S2 Daily: $ 1766.06
Pivot S3 Daily: $ 1754.64
Pivot R1 Daily: $ 1795.54
Pivot R2 Daily: $ 1806.96
Pivot R3 Daily: $ 1815.99

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Introducing the top 10 digital currencies Thursday, April 8

Introducing the top 10 digital currencies Thursday, April 8


Bitcoin (BTC)

In August 2008, the domain name bitcoin.org was registered. On October 31, 2008, an article entitled "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" was published. This article was written by Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. At present, no one knows who this person or persons are. Finally, on January 3, 2009, the Bitcoin network was created. The market capitalization of this best digital currency is currently estimated at $ 181,122,217,144, which ranks first among other major cryptocurrencies.

Atrium (ETH)

Atrium was launched on July 30, 2015 by Vitalik Buterin. He was a researcher and programmer at Bitcoin Magazine, and in 2013, White Paper published a description of Atrium Digital Currency. Buterin suggested that bitcoin needed a programming language. He decided to create a new platform with a more general programming language. The development was financed through an online contract between July and August 2014, and the system was publicly traded for 11.9 million coins (about 13% of the total working supply). After the collapse of the DAO project in 2016, Atrium split into two Chinese blocks, the new version of which became Atrium, and the original Chinese block called "Classic Atrium" continued to operate. The market capitalization of Atrium, another of the best digital currencies, is currently approximately $ 20,415,489,154. Therefore, it ranks second among the best digital currencies.

Ripple (XRP)

The Ripple digital currency was developed by Ripple as a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), also known as the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) or Ripple Protocol. The currency dates back to 2004, when a web developer named Ryan Fugger came up with the idea of ​​creating a decentralized monetary system that could effectively allow people to make their own money. RipplePay.com was launched in 2005 to provide a secure payment system for members of an online community through global networks. Jed McCaleb launched a digital currency system in 2011 in which transactions were approved by consensus among network members - instead of the mining process used in Bitcoin. This new version of the Ripple system was designed to eliminate centralized bitcoin exchanges. One of the advantages of this system was less power consumption than Bitcoin. In addition, in this system, transactions were done much faster. In 2012, Ripple was launched as one of the best digital currencies to facilitate the security and urgency of global transactions using tokens. The current market capitalization of this cryptocurrency is about 11,663,348,834 dollars and it is in the third place.

Bitcoin Cache (BCH)

The next most popular digital currency on the list of best digital currencies is the "Bitcoin Cash Currency", which was created with the idea of ​​creating a more practical bitcoin for small, everyday payments. As of May 2017, Bitcoin payments took about four days, unless a fee was paid, resulting in a relatively large amount of time for small transactions. Finally, the code change was implemented and the Bitcoin Cache was created on August 1, 2017. The cryptocurrency currently has a market capitalization of about $ 5,533,833,360.

LightCoin (LTC)

The next currency is LightQueen, which was released in October 2011 by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee. This cryptocurrency was actually a branch of bitcoin that made a difference in terms such as the time it took to generate a smaller block, increase the maximum number of coins, and a script-based algorithm. As one of the best digital currencies, LightCoin now has a market capitalization of about $ 4,624,544,555.

Bainance Coin (BCH)

The next cryptocurrency is "Binance Quinn", which is on the Binance platform, which was created in 2017. The exchange rate was 1 Atrium for 2,700 BNB or 1 Bitcoin for 20,000 BNB. This currency is only designed for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and it is not possible to exchange it with common currencies. BNB has multiple uses, but in the Binance exchange ecosystem it is used as a token that allows users to receive a discount when paying their transaction fees. The market capitalization of this digital currency is currently around $ 4,054,825,067.


The EOS.IO platform was developed by a private company. The platform was released on June 2, 2018 as open-source software and one billion tokens were distributed on the Atrium China block by block.one. EOS has been released as one of the best digital currencies, according to White Paper. The market capitalization of this digital currency is approximately $ 3,382,278,462.


Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) is the original Bitcoin designed by nChain. Launched on August 16, 2018, this digital currency recovers the Bitcoin mainstream protocol, keeps it stable, and offers a large scale. The original Bitcoin white paper is listed on the Bitcoin SV website as the main document of this project. Although the price of Bitcoin SV fluctuates, this digital currency quickly became one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. This digital currency is currently traded in most major exchanges. The market capitalization of this cryptocurrency is now around $ 2,372,798,942.

Stellar (XLM)

"Stellar" was created in 2014 by "Jed McCaleb" and "Joyce Kim". It was initially based on the Ripple protocol, but eventually the network split into several sections. Stellar is an open source money exchange protocol in which servers use the Internet to connect and connect with other Stellar servers and form a global value-sharing network. The market capitalization of this digital currency is currently approximately $ 1,405,157,741.

Monroe (XMR)

Monroe is an open source cryptocurrency created in April 2014 and focuses on topics such as decentralization, interchangeability and privacy. Monroe Digital Currency uses a vague general ledger. This means that anyone can broadcast or send transactions, but no outside observer can say the source, amount or destination of the transaction. Monroe Digital Currency uses the Proof of Work mechanism to issue new coins and encourage miners to secure the network and validate transactions. The cryptocurrency market capitalization is currently approximately $ 1,382,441,567.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market Sunday, February 21

An overview of the cryptocurrency market Sunday, February 21

The currency calmed down to about $ 56,000 after the last bitcoin price hit a record high of $ 57,500 and then reached $ 54,000 with a sharp correction. Most replacement coins have also been declining over the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin settles at $ 56,000

Last week was a good week for the market's top cryptocurrency as it was able to offset the loss from the recent fall of $ 46,000. In the following days, the asset set a new record with a price increase of more than $ 11,000.

These developments led to the beginning of the last significant rally of this currency. The uptrend started at $ 55,000 and ended at levels above $ 57,500.

As is sometimes the case in the world of cryptocurrencies, this record was followed by a sharp drop in price to $ 54,000 in most cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin managed to get out of this correction immediately and is now priced at around It will be traded for 56 thousand dollars.

The market value of the BTC mark has remained at $ 1 trillion, while the dominance of this asset in the market has slightly increased to 61.5% because most altcoins have turned red in the last 24 hours.

Blood bath in the Altcoins market

Over the past few days, most Altcoins have begun to grow; Of course, none of them may have grown as significantly as Baines Coin (BNB). The cryptocurrency gained three-digit growth in the last seven days, setting a new record at around $ 350. It is interesting to know that less than a month ago, BNB was trading at $ 40!

Yesterday, the local currency of Bainance Exchange started a corrective process and lost almost $ 100 of its value and reached $ 260. Atrium fell 4 percent after failing to close its daily candle above the $ 2,000 milestone. Ripple (7.5%), Light Coin (8-%) and Bitcoin Cash (8-%) are also red.

Polkadat reached a new record above $ 40 yesterday and for a short time even replaced the BNB among the top 3 currencies in the market, but has since stopped and is now trading below this level. Cardano (ADA) also rose 6 percent to $ 1.12.

However, on the 24-hour UNI scale, with a 25% increase, it saw the largest price increase among high-value altcoins. As a result, the Uniswap dominance token hit a record high of $ 32 earlier today. Thus, this asset became the twelfth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market value.

The situation has been slightly better between lesser-valued altcoins. The Pundi X tops the list with a 55% price increase, followed by Flow (20%), Voyager (19%), BitTorrent (17%) and Ontology (14%).

Quant, on the other hand, had the biggest price drop of 13 percent. Ren (-11%), Solana (-9%), Monero (-9%) and EOS (-9%) are next.

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Ripple Analysis (XRP) Wednesday, February 17

Ripple Analysis (XRP)

The price of Ripple Digital Currency is currently fluctuating in the range of $ 0.53302. The MACD and RSI indicators have also shown a downward trend.
However, the price continued its uptrend yesterday from the support range of $ 0.4880 to $ 0.4840. This level is the intersection of the 100 moving average indicator in the four-hour time frame and the downtrend line formed since February 2 (February 4) until now.
Currently, the 50-day moving average indicator level at $ 0.5460 and the Sunday bearish trend line at $ 0.56 play the resistance levels.
If the resistance breaks $ 0.56, the price will rise to the monthly downward trend line at $ 0.06150.
On the other hand, if the price penetrates below the support level of $ 0.4880 to $ 0.4840, one can expect the price to fall to $ 0.4 and the lowest monthly level at $ 0.3405.

Technical levels
Last price of the day: $ 0.5122
Daily fluctuations: 77- Pip
Fluctuations of the day (٪): 1.48-
Starting price: $ 0.5199
20-day moving average: $ 0.4632
50-day moving average: $ 0.3473
100-day moving average: $ 0.406
200-day moving average: $ 0.333
Yesterday's highest price: $ 0.58.03
Yesterday's lowest price: $ 0.4819
Last week's highest price: $ 0.6247
Last week's lowest price: $ 0.3911
Last month's highest price: $ 0.5167
Last month's lowest price: $ 0.2109
Fibonacci 38.2. Daily: $ 0.5195
Fibonacci 61.8. Daily: $ 0.5427
Pivot S1 Daily: $ 0.4745
Pivot S2 Daily: $ 0.429
Pivot S3 Daily: $ 0.3761
Pivot R1 Daily: $ 0.5728
Pivot R2 daily: $ 0.6258
Pivot R3 Daily: $ 0.6712


Hamid Rahathagh

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GBPUSD Tuesday, February 3

GBPUSD Tuesday, February 3

The short trend of the British pound against the US dollar is neutral. As long as the 1,3608 support remains in place, one can expect another GBPUSD pair to start moving. In the eyes of buyers, the break of $ 1,3758 could bring the uptrend starting from $ 1,1409 to the estimate of 61.8% Fibonacci at $ 1,3956. However, from the traders' point of view, if GBPUSD falls below the support of $ 1,3608, it will indicate the formation of a short-term price peak, especially since there is a downward divergence in the four-hour MACD indicator. In this case, the short-term GBPUSD trend will decline.

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