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Cardano Analysis (ADA) Tuesday, April 13

Cardano Analysis (ADA) Tuesday, April 13


The price of Cardano digital currency has increased by about 10% in the last 48 hours. Due to the 12-hour time frame, an important level of resistance has prevented price growth. In the last month, the price has hit this level several times but has not been able to cross it.
Looking at the 12-hour timeframe, we notice the formation of an ascending triangle pattern. This pattern consists of an uptrend line and a horizontal trend line.

The resistance level of this pattern is in the range of $ 1.35. The price is currently fluctuating in the range of $ 1,317 and is only 2.% away from this level. If Cardano can cross this resistance level, then one can expect a price increase of up to $ 1.647.
However, a significant resistance has formed at $ 1.47 and the price has hit it twice in the last month.

If the resistance does not break $ 1.35, the price will fall to the uptrend line at $ 1.24. Next, if the price penetrates below the level of this pattern, we will see a 22% drop to $ 0.96. In this way, $ 1.15 and $ 1.04 levels will play a supporting role.

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rahathagh/راحت حق

Cardano Analysis (ADA) Wednesday, March 10

Cardano Analysis (ADA) Wednesday, March 10

Matt Cardano Digital has taken a low-swing trend after crossing the border of the regular triangle pattern. According to this model, Cardano has a goal of $ 1.56.
According to the IOMAP chart, Cardano is on the rise in the absence of strong resistance. However, the $ 1.15 to $ 1.18 resistance range is particularly important. In this price range, over 2.1 billion Cardanos have been purchased by 38,250 user accounts.
Prices are currently above the level of a significant self-stabilization support. According to the IOMAP chart, about 147,000 accounts have purchased 5.1 billion of these digital currencies in the $ 1.11 to $ 1.15 range.

Looking at the four-hour timeframe, we notice the formation of a regular triangle pattern and its breaking. According to this pattern, the price is likely to grow by 34% to $ 1.56. Despite the breaking of this pattern, the uptrend of stability is still not formed. On the other hand, stabilizing the high price of moving average indicators is necessary to form an uptrend.
Similarly, if the MACD indicator is above the signal line, then the $ 1.56 target can be predicted with more confidence.
On the other hand, if the price penetrates below the levels of 50 and 100 moving average indicators in the four-hour time frame, a downward trend is formed and if the price returns to the triangle pattern range, one can expect a further fall in price.

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