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طبق بررسی قبلی از بیت کوین در تاریخ 19بهمن، در نمودار بیت کوین که می توانید از اینجا مشاهده کنید، قیمت به مقاومت خود رسیده است و در این منطقه نتوانستت عبور کند. بیت کووین هم اکنون در قیمت 42250دلار معامله می شود که این افت قیمتی بر روی اکثر آلت کوین ها نیز تاثیر منفی داشته است.

در این بین ارز دیجیتال ریپل در روزهای گذشته بهتر از بقیه آلت کوین ها عمل کرده بود که در حال حاضر به قیمت پایین تر از 80سنت رسیده است.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market today Saturday, May 1

An overview of the cryptocurrency market today Saturday, May 1


$ 6,000 price increase for Bitcoin in two days

While the Altcoin market has seen a significant price increase recently, Bitcoin seems to have stalled. The market's first cryptocurrency, which had slumped below $ 50,000 in April, failed to rise above $ 55,000.

The bears took advantage of this BTC inability and pulled it down again, raising the price to around $ 52,000 on April 29. Since then, the bitcoin movement has reversed.

As a result of these positive developments, the asset traded at around $ 54,000 before finally starting a significant uptrend. Within hours, the cryptocurrency rose about $ 4,500, reaching its highest level since the April 18 crash.

The value of the Bitcoin market also stabilized above $ 1 trillion on this uptrend. In addition, BTC regained almost 1% of its lost dominance in the market and now stands at 49%.

New record of Ether and Bainance Quinn

Most altcoins have been on the rise recently, but perhaps none have been as significant as Ethereum, the market's second-largest currency. Atrium set several consecutive records last week. In the last 24 hours, ETH reached its latest record of just over $ 2,870 (on Bitstamp). The market's third-largest cryptocurrency, Binance Quinn, also saw a new slump. The BNB was hovering around $ 600 yesterday, but jumped more than $ 40, reaching a new record at around $ 645 (in Binance).

Ripple (4%), Polkadot (1.5%) and Bitcoin Cash (12%) are also among the top 10 green currencies today. Nevertheless, the Dodge Quinn had the most dramatic performance with a 15% increase. As a result of these developments, DOGE is trading at around $ 0.35.

DigiByte (29%), Avalanche (22%), SwissBorg (17%), OKB (17%), Ren (15%), Compound (15%), Ethereum Classic (13%), Bitcoin SV (12%), Phantom (12%) and Reserve Rights (10%) are among the currencies that have grown in double digits today.

Finally, the market capitalization has increased by $ 170 billion in two days and is well above $ 2 trillion.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market Saturday, April 3

An overview of the cryptocurrency market Saturday, April 3

Bitcoin dominance falls to its lowest level in 7 months

While most alternative coins have made significant gains over the past few days, bitcoins have stopped below the 60,000 level. The first cryptocurrency in the market has been struggling with this particular price line for some time, but all its repeated attempts to overcome this resistance have failed every time and pushed it down.

In the last 24 hours, BTC was only a few hundred dollars away from touching $ 60,000 again, but subsequent corrections reduced the asset to its lowest daily level of $ 58,500.

Despite recovering several hundred dollars worth of bitcoin and trading above $ 59,000 at the time of this writing, bitcoin dominance has suffered a major blow. In fact, the benchmark for comparing the BTC market value with other encrypted assets has dropped to 58.4%. This is the lowest level of bitcoin dominance in the crypto market since mid-September 2020. It should be noted that this criterion in early January 2021 was much higher than 70%.

Polkadat ranks fourth in the market

The last few days have been quite bullish for the Altcoins market. Atrium has led the way with the formation of several consecutive daily green candles, and as a result of these developments, it was able to conquer the territory of $ 2,000 again yesterday.

Of course, the market's second cryptocurrency did not stop here and continued to advance until a new downturn of around $ 2150 (on Bitstamp). Despite some modifications since then, ETH is still trading above $ 2,100.

Bainance Quinn fell slightly from yesterday's record above $ 350 and traded around $ 340. Cardano and Theta have had minor gains, while LightQueen (6%), Ripple (12%) and Uni Swap (11%) are all green.

Nevertheless, Polkadat had the most significant performance among the top 10 currencies in the market, with a significant increase of 22% on a 24-hour scale. As a result, DOT became the fourth cryptocurrency in terms of market value, setting a new record at $ 46.5.

Double-digit growth in tokens such as Holo (57%), Livepeer (42%), BitTorrent (19%), EOS (14%), Solana (13%) and Cosmos (12%) is also significant.

Finally, the total market value of cryptocurrencies remains above $ 1.9 trillion, but it is still about $ 30 billion before it touches $ 2 trillion for the first time.

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the cryptocurrency market Thursday, March 25

the cryptocurrency market Thursday, March 25

Bitcoin lost more than $ 6,000 in value

The situation seemed to change in favor of this superior currency after the news of the acceptance of Bitcoin by Tesla as a payment option was published. At the same time, however, Bitcoin rose by several thousand dollars to $ 57,000. But since then, Bitcoin has fallen below $ 6,500 to $ 5,500 a day. Despite the return of the price to the level of $ 53,000, Bitcoin still shows a 4% decrease in 24-hour timeframe.

What is more remarkable than the fall in the price of Bitcoin is the devaluation of the currency below $ 1 trillion. According to Bybt data, the increase in fluctuations since yesterday has led to a decrease of more than $ 2 billion in the total market value of this currency.

Altcoins drown in a sea of ​​blood

After a few days of margin trading, the Altcoins market situation looked good yesterday with slight gains. Atrium pioneered this growth, rising to $ 1,700 and $ 1,740. However, the situation has changed completely in the last 24 hours. The sudden drop of $ 200 in the price of ETH caused this asset to reach its daily low price of $ 1550 a few hours ago. Since then, ETH is still below $ 1,600, down more than 6 percent.

Today, red dominates other altcoins. Binance Quinn (5%) and Cardano (2.5%) reached $ 245 and $ 1.1, respectively.

Polkadat fell 13% to $ 31, Ripple (-10%) fell below $ 0.5, (11.5%) to $ 27, LightQueen (-9%) to $ 175 and Theta (-18%) to around $ 12. .

Theta Fuel (-24%), IOTA (-15%), Ontology (-13%), Phantom (-12%), OMG Network (-12%), Flow (-12%), Ren (-12%) , SushiSwap (-12%) and 0x (-11%) are other fallout altcoins today.

Finally, the cumulative capital of the cryptocurrency market fell by $ 150 billion to $ 1.620 trillion.

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The story of Bitcoin purchase by Bainance CEO: "I have never sold and I have done well so far"


The story of Bitcoin purchase by Bainance CEO: "I have never sold and I have done well so far"


Changpeng Zhao, CEO and founder of the world's largest digital currency ecosystem, Bainance Exchange, told his followers on his Twitter account the story of buying his first bitcoin.

Amid the sharp bitcoin price boost that has severely reduced Microstrategy shares, Michael Saylor, CEO of the company, spoke about investment myth Peter Lynch and author of One Up on Wall Street. In this statement, he rejected and rejected the efforts of many investors to buy at the price floor, with any correction in the market.

"More money has been lost by investors who prepared for or tried to anticipate the price correction than by the price correction itself."

Michael Saylor extended these words to Bitcoin. Peter Lynch, meanwhile, made the remarks long before digital currencies were accepted in society.

At the same time, CZ, CEO of Bainance Exchange, decided to further prove Lynch's law. He told the story of buying his first bitcoin seven years ago for $ 400.

In response to Michael Saylor's tweet, he wrote:

"I bought Bitcoin in 2014 at an average price of $ 600. I have seen many price corrections but I have never sold my bitcoins and I have done well so far. "This is not an economic recommendation."

He noted that after he bought Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin fell to $ 200 and remained at that level for several months. He therefore recommends that all traders modify their trading time form to analyze the price of Bitcoin.

CZ was also one of the first supporters of the Laser Eye Challenge on Twitter. The challenge is for people to change their profile picture to laser eyes until the price of Bitcoin reaches 100,000 dollars. After him, many celebrities and politicians joined him and changed their photos.

The challenge has not been successful so far, and Bitcoin faced a 23 percent price correction and $ 5.4 billion in liquidation on February 22nd.

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An overview of the cryptocurrency market today Saturday , February 20

An overview of the cryptocurrency market today Saturday , February 20


While the price of Bitcoin (BTC) rose above $ 55,300 in the morning trading session, for the first time the market value of this currency exceeded $ 1 trillion. The breakdown continued throughout the day, with BTC hitting an all-time high of $ 56,368 in the past hour.

Now that Bitcoin has established itself as a trillion-dollar asset among financial giants such as Amazon, Apple and Google, older banks have become more interested in providing cryptocurrency retention services to their customers.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 55,847.
Several top altcoins on the market have joined the BTC move. One of them is ETH, which set a new record in its history by entering the $ 2,000 channel. The REN token continued its impressive performance, rising 60 percent to $ 1.80. Baines Coin (BNB) has reached its highest price at $ 348.72 with the growing influence of Bainance Smart Chain (BSC).

This parabolic rally made BNB the third largest currency in terms of market value.

Other DeFi-related projects such as PancakeSwap (CAKE) and Venus (VXS) are among BSC's top attractions, trading at $ 20.62 and $ 101.50, respectively, which are new records.

There is currently no sign of a momentary decline in the uptrend that has pushed up the price of Bitcoin and other altcoins. Recent data show that in 2021, bitcoin price increases will begin more on weekends, and many analysts believe that this digital asset could reach $ 60,000 by the end of the week.

While the price of ether (ETH) has remained stable at around $ 2,000, there are rumors that the currency will rise further as corporate investors show great interest in returns through deposits in Eth2 as well as participation in Defy's growing segment. Both of these factors are the driving force behind the growing demand for ether and the consequent increase in its price.

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