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Microsoft, Apple and Microsoft Strategy stock tokens listed on Bainance

Microsoft, Apple and Microsoft Strategy stock tokens listed on Bainance


Bainance Exchange announced that it will list shares of Microsoft, Apple and Microstrate until the end of April.

Users of this exchange can buy microstrate stock from today. Apple and Microsoft stock tokens will be listed on April 28 and 30, respectively.

Since the beginning of this month, Bainance has started listing stock tokens. Tesla was the first company to list the exchange in the form of a token. Bainance has even listed the stock of its rival, Kevin Base.

All of these token stocks are purchased with the Stable Kevin Bainance (BUSD).

While these products are also offered by FTX, Bainance offers free stock trading.

It is worth noting that these tokens can be traded only during the opening hours of the US stock market.

Legal supervision

Bainance is under new legal scrutiny because of its new product, which is supposed to democratize stock trading.

On April 22, the Financial Times reported that the UK Office of Financial Conduct had begun working with an exchange to determine whether the product was covered by UK securities law:

"We cannot comment specifically on our confidentiality obligations. Basically, the following applies: If the tokens are transferable, can be traded in a crypto exchange, and are equipped with economic rights such as dividends or cash settlements, they represent securities and are subject to the issuance of a stock listing. ”

Turkish, American and Chinese Bainance users have been banned from trading these tokens.

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Apple Stock Performance Review (AAPL) Saturday, April 10

Apple Stock Performance Review (AAPL) Saturday, April 10


Shares of Apple Corps (NASDAQ: AAPL) closed up 2.02% at $ 133 on the last trading day. The overall stock market experienced an uptrend on the last day, with the Nasdaq Composite Index rising 0.51% to 13,900.19 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) up 0.89% to 33%. ٫ 800.60 units increased. Yesterday marked the seventh consecutive day of profits for Apple shares. On the other hand, Apple shares closed $ 12.10 lower than their last 52-week high of $ 145.09, which was recorded on January 25.

Let's compare the performance of some of Apple's competitors. Microsoft Shares (MSFT), for example, rose 1.03% to $ 255.85. Shares of Alphabet (GOOGL) rose 0.9 percent to $ 2,270.67 and IBM rose 0.02 percent to $ 135.73.
Apple shares traded up $ 105.2 million, well above their 50-day moving average of $ 104.4 million.

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The bitcoin market value is closer to gold, silver and Apple

The bitcoin market value is closer to gold, silver and Apple

As the bitcoin price continues to rise, the market capitalization of this asset also tries to be as close as possible to the market capitalization of traditional assets such as gold.

Bitcoin now has a market value of $ 1.07 trillion, reaching 9.85% of the market value of $ 10.9 trillion gold. The market value of this cryptocurrency has increased simultaneously with its value since the fourth quarter of 2020. Currently, the market capitalization of this digital currency represents about 53.08% of Apple's $ 2.07 trillion market value. On the other hand, with a market value of $ 1.42 trillion, Bitcoin has been able to reach 76.09% of its market value.

Although Bitcoin is still a long way from reaching the value of the gold market, its proponents believe that as its acceptance by organizations increases, this asset will eventually become a source of excellent value storage.

The resilience of bitcoin and gold was tested during the recession created by the corona pandemic in 2020. The value of bitcoin rose after falling alongside traditional markets in March last year. On the other hand, in August, gold traded above $ 2,000 for the first time, reaching its highest level.

Following the collapse of traditional markets, the situation has strengthened the relationship between gold and bitcoin more than ever. The more people invest in this asset, the more its price will stabilize. It is worth noting that Bitcoin has sufficient liquidity and can be stored with high security with a guaranteed supply limit.

Both assets are out of government control, but gold is in the hands of central banks, and this potentially means manipulating its price. Therefore, Bitcoin proponents believe that the government's lack of control and manipulation of this asset will mean that this asset will eventually overtake gold.

At the same time, Bitcoin fans believe that the market value of Bitcoin will soon even surpass that of Apple. As bitcoin grows in popularity, this could mean wider acceptance in the future.

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