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Bainance coin Analysis (BNB) Wednesday, March 10

Bainance coin Analysis (BNB) Wednesday, March 10

After forming a support base above the $ 200 level, Bainance coin started a new upward trend. The BNB has broken the $ 220 resistance and recently crossed the $ 250 resistance area.

This paved the way for a Sharpe rally above the $ 275 and $ 285 resistance levels. BNB traded at $ 297 and is currently undergoing correction. Following this correction, the BNB price fell below the correction level of 23.6% Fibonacci uptrend from $ 214 to $ 297.

The currency is still trading above $ 260 and a simple moving average of 100 (4 hours). The cows are strongly protecting the $ 265 and $ 260 support levels. The next major support is near the $ 255 level, which is near the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the $ 214 to $ 297 uptrend.

The BNB / USDT 4-hour chart shows a major uptrend with support around $ 245. In the uptrend, cows face significant barriers near the $ 285 and $ 290 levels. The main resistance is still close to the $ 300 level, and above that, the BNB is likely to accelerate further in the short term.

If the BNB fails to reach levels above $ 285 and $ 295, it will face a new downtrend. In this case, the first major support is close to the $ 255 level.

The next major support will be close to the $ 245 level and the trend line. If the price falls below the support line of the trend line, there is a possibility that the price will fall to the support area of ​​$ 220.

Technical indicators

The hourly MACD for the BNB / USD pair is gradually accelerating in the uptrend.

The hourly RSI for the BNB / USD pair is above the 50 level.

Main support: $ 265, $ 255 and $ 245

Main resistance: $ 285, $ 295 and $ 300

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حمید راحت حق

An overview of the cryptocurrency market today Saturday , February 20

An overview of the cryptocurrency market today Saturday , February 20


While the price of Bitcoin (BTC) rose above $ 55,300 in the morning trading session, for the first time the market value of this currency exceeded $ 1 trillion. The breakdown continued throughout the day, with BTC hitting an all-time high of $ 56,368 in the past hour.

Now that Bitcoin has established itself as a trillion-dollar asset among financial giants such as Amazon, Apple and Google, older banks have become more interested in providing cryptocurrency retention services to their customers.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 55,847.
Several top altcoins on the market have joined the BTC move. One of them is ETH, which set a new record in its history by entering the $ 2,000 channel. The REN token continued its impressive performance, rising 60 percent to $ 1.80. Baines Coin (BNB) has reached its highest price at $ 348.72 with the growing influence of Bainance Smart Chain (BSC).

This parabolic rally made BNB the third largest currency in terms of market value.

Other DeFi-related projects such as PancakeSwap (CAKE) and Venus (VXS) are among BSC's top attractions, trading at $ 20.62 and $ 101.50, respectively, which are new records.

There is currently no sign of a momentary decline in the uptrend that has pushed up the price of Bitcoin and other altcoins. Recent data show that in 2021, bitcoin price increases will begin more on weekends, and many analysts believe that this digital asset could reach $ 60,000 by the end of the week.

While the price of ether (ETH) has remained stable at around $ 2,000, there are rumors that the currency will rise further as corporate investors show great interest in returns through deposits in Eth2 as well as participation in Defy's growing segment. Both of these factors are the driving force behind the growing demand for ether and the consequent increase in its price.

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Fundamental analysis of the Forex market and the European stock market Friday, February 19

Fundamental analysis of the Forex market and the European stock market Friday, February 19


European stock indices have halted the longest downward trend since October. Investors are evaluating the vague financial statements of corporations. Meanwhile, the price of crude oil has fallen.
The Stoxx Europe 600 stock index has reopened from a positive range. The S&P 500 futures index has not changed significantly and the Nasdaq 100 futures index (NASDAQ) has grown. However, there are no clear risk flows in the market. But the US dollar has weakened in the Forex market. Meanwhile, the yield on 10-year US Treasury bonds has returned to 1.3 percent and the main focus of investors is on the financial statements of corporations. From a fundamental analysis point of view, the growth of Treasury yields should be to the detriment of the stock market, but this has not yet happened. There is a misconception in the financial markets. Many market participants assume that interest rates will remain close to zero percent forever. But given the growth in long-term bond yields, this seems to be a misconception. This means that stock market investors may face this fact in the near future and exit the market.
Recent economic data show that the global economic recovery is weak and fragile. The UK retail index has fallen sharply, contrary to market expectations. In the crude oil market, the price of light crude oil (WTI) has fallen below $ 60. The US government has stated that it intends to negotiate with the Iranian government. Oil investors believe that easing tensions between Iran and the United States could increase global crude oil supplies.

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حمید راحت حق

Fundamental analysis of the Forex market and the European stock market

Fundamental analysis of the Forex market and the European stock market


Global stock indices have grown along with future US stock indices. However, the recent performance of small traders in the US stock market has worried everyone. In China, the Chinese government is battling a liquidity crisis in its financial system. The most significant price movement in the market is related to silver price fluctuations (XAGUSD). The price of silver has reached the $ 30 range for the first time since 2013. The reason for the rise in silver prices is what is happening on Reddit, and it seems that small investors have entered the silver market as a group.
In Europe, the Stoxx Europe 600 stock index has grown by 1%. Shares of companies related to the silver market recorded the highest growth. The MSCI Asia-Pacific Index is also up 1.7 percent, its biggest gain in three weeks. In the Forex market, we are seeing a strengthening of the British pound. It is said that in the UK, all people eligible for the corona vaccine have received the vaccine. The market is waiting for the official confirmation of this news.
Meanwhile, the future price of silver has increased by 12%. On Friday, the largest tradable silver fund faced an investment of $ 944 million. BlackRock is a tradable silver fund. In the United States, ten Republicans have proposed an alternative to Biden's bailout package. The volume of this financial package is $ 600 billion.

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