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USDJPY currency pair trend


The short-term trend of the US dollar against the Japanese yen is neutral. The USDJPY pair is in the downtrend channel starting from 111.71. Hence, we can expect a deep downward movement from the market. If USDJPY falls below 103.31, it could prepare for a reversal to the 102.58 price floor. However, from the buyers' point of view, the break of 104.39 and the downtrend channel will mark the end of the downtrend starting from 111.71 and can push the USDJPY to the resistance of 105.67.

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EURUSD pair trend



The short-term trend of the Euro against the US Dollar is up to a slight resistance of $ 1,2222. The break of this resistance could push the EURUSD pair to the high of $ 1,2348. However, from the traders' point of view, if EURUSD falls below the support of $ 1,2052, it could indicate the entry of the currency pair into the correction phase starting from the rate of $ 1,2348. In this case, the short-term trend of EURUSD will fall to $ 1.1887 at the correction of 61.8% Fibonacci.

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GBPUSD currency pair trend


The short-term trend of the British pound against the US dollar is neutral. However, as long as the $ 1,3518 support remains in place, we can expect another uptrend. A break of $ 1,3745 could boost the GBPUSD short-term trend and extend the uptrend from $ 1,1409 to the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement at $ 1,3956. From the sellers' point of view, if the GBPUSD currency pair falls below $ 1.3518, it will indicate the formation of a short-term price peak. A downward divergence is seen in the four-hour MACD indicator. If this divergence works, the short-term market trend will decline.

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Economic News on Saturday, January 25

Economic News on Saturday, January 25



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Weekly Gold Analysis




Weekly Gold Analysis

Even though the strength of the global ounce uptrend has weakened, buyers still support the precious metal. Analysts are assessing the rate of economic growth due to government financial and support packages, as well as the possibility of intensifying inflationary pressures. However, according to Kitco News' weekly assessment, small investors and market participants expect future inflation to determine the trend in the gold market and ultimately push up the price of an ounce of global gold.
This week, 15 Wall Street activists took part in a weekly Kitco poll. Sixty percent of respondents predict that this week's trend will be an upward ounce of global gold. Another 20 percent predict that the market will decline and the remaining 20 percent predict that the market will be trendless. Meanwhile, 1,581 Main Street investors took part in an online poll. 67% are in favor of an uptrend, 17% are in favor of a downtrend and about 15% are in favor of a trend-free market.
The upward return of the global ounce of gold from $ 1,800 support has caused optimism among market participants. The market reacted positively to this support at the beginning of last week, but the price of an ounce of global gold continued to fall slightly. However, the gold market ended last week's trading in the $ 1855 range. Although the gold market failed to show strong momentum in early 2021, many analysts still do not want to be disappointed with the rise in gold prices, especially as the new US administration seeks to approve a $ 1.9 trillion financial package.





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