AUDUSD analysis Tuesday, June 29
The Australian dollar is likely to enter the daily and weekly support range

The weekly AUDUSD chart is supported at $ 0.7501. This support is consistent with a 50% Fibonacci correction and a 50 moving average. In the daily AUDUSD chart, the Australian dollar is under pressure to buy and has returned above the 200 moving average. If the Australian dollar continues to rise, it will face selling pressure at $ 0.7636.

The four-hour AUDUSD chart also fell to support at $ 0.7563. The Australian dollar has not been able to jump despite crossover moving averages. As a result, the Australian dollar is expected to fall to $ 0.7530 until further support and then to $ 0.7494 support.
But if the Australian dollar jumps from current levels, it will move towards resistance at 0.7632 and $ 0.7664.


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