Ethereum co-founder: I bet Cardano and Polkadat will have a very bright future Anthony Di Iorio, a Canadian entrepreneur and co-founder of Ethereum, a leading smart contract platform, has said he strongly believes in the potential of Cardano (ADA) and Polkadat (DOT).

Di Yario, who is also the CEO and founder of the Canadian blockchain startup Decentral and the cryptocurrency wallet Jaxx, said in an interview with Anthony Pompliano that he has a diversified portfolio of several top projects, including Cardano and Polkadat.

Apparently, his full knowledge of the founders of these two projects has created such a firm confidence. Di Yario added that he joined the Ethereum development team in early 2012 after meeting with Vitalik Butrin at a Bitcoin conference.

He has strong ties to other Ethereum co-founders, including Vitalik Butrin, Cardano founder Charles Haskinson and current Polkadat CEO Gwynwood. He confirmed that when he worked with these people, he realized that they all have a purposeful vision and will certainly put these projects on the path to progress.

It should be noted that despite all the hype that has recently arisen in the Difai space, Di Yario has acknowledged that he intends to keep his investments simple and invest in larger projects.

"Most of my capital is focused on a few top projects like Ether, Bitcoin, Cardano and Polkadat. I also like Casmas. There are a few other things, but I do not get lost in the space of defense. I think to myself that I do not have enough time and energy to do this. This is a full-time program that requires a lot of work and should be at the top of everything, which is why I have simplified my life over the last few years. "