Permanent residence in El Salvador for crypto entrepreneurs As we reported a few days ago, the President of El Salvador, Najib Abu Quilla, announced during the Miami Conference that the country intends to accept bitcoin as a currency in the country. Now the 39-year-old has added to the appeal of his proposal on Sunday with his new remarks on Twitter. Abu Kileh announced in his latest tweet that:

"The government immediately grants permanent residency to crypto entrepreneurs."

Today, his proposal was approved by 62 official members of parliament against 19 votes against. Explaining the bill, Bokle added that the country is also proposing a new law to parliament that would allow anyone with a 3-bitcoin investment in the El Salvadorian economy to obtain permanent residency.

It is interesting to know that the official currency of El Salvador is the US dollar. About a quarter of El Salvadorians live in the United States, and last year sent more than $ 6 billion in remittances, despite the Corona epidemic.

Abu Kileh acknowledged that the move was aimed at creating jobs and providing employment opportunities for thousands of people who now operate outside the country's legal economy. He noted that 70 percent of the population now does not have a bank account and operates in an informal economy.