Fundamental Analysis of the American Economy Sunday, June 6 Last week, the US dollar fluctuated significantly in response to the ADP and NFP indices, but eventually the dollar index ended the week at the same levels as at the beginning of the week. The rapid growth of the ADP had prompted investors to expect rapid and strong NFP growth, but this did not happen and investors were disappointed. In fact, with the release of the NFP index, all the growth of the dollar index, which was due to the good report of ADP, disappeared.

Next week, Forex investors and traders will focus on risky events such as the European Central Bank interest rate meeting and the US Consumer Price Index (CPI).

US inflation grew to 4.2 percent last month. The Federal Reserve responded to the report by saying that rapid inflation was still temporary. It remains to be seen how the Fed will react if US inflation continues to grow rapidly. The dollar also strengthened last month as US inflation soared. If the Fed concludes that rapid inflation growth is not temporary and should begin to exit monetary expansionary policies, the dollar will react very quickly and strengthen.