One of Belgium's largest banks is considering launching its digital currency

 One of the largest insurance and banking companies in Belgium, with a slight change in approach to digital assets, announced its intention to launch its own digital currency.

The KBC token, KBC Bank's native digital currency, is an encrypted reward that allows the bank to develop customer engagement strategies, upgrade its platform, and force users to use its services.

KBC Coin is almost ready

The bank shared the announcement in the first months of launching its Virtual Banking Assistant Kit.

KBC Coin is not currently available to the public, but is being tested through a private environment. The bank did not provide further details on the project roadmap.

In addition to the regulatory framework and economic characteristics of the project, KBC focuses on the technical issues and privacy of this digital currency. According to local newspaper De Morgen, CEO Johan Thijs said they want to "protect the identity of their customers" and provide their users with a platform that allows them to have complete control over their data.