The A16z Cryptocurrency Investment Fund raised $ 2 billion Eric Newcomer, quoted by informed sources, wrote in his newsletter that the third crypto investment fund, Andreessen Horowitz, intends to raise $ 2 billion.

Last month, we read in a report from the Financial Times that the capital of the crypto investment fund managed by a16z has increased from $ 800 million to $ 1 billion. The A16z has already invested a significant portion of its capital in crypto startups and has recently focused on network scaling and the NFT market.

The last investment made by this institution is $ 8 million to launch the RTFKT startup on May 5; $ 23 million in the unrivaled OpenSea token market on March 18 and several projects related to digital collections such as Dapper Labs and CryptoKitties.

In addition to NFT markets, the a16z cryptocurrency portfolio includes investments in cryptographic infrastructures such as Bitcoin and Atrium, defy projects such as Uni Swap, and exchanges such as CoinBase.