Bainance Exchange Competition on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Bainance Exchange is holding a bitcoin trading contest on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza. In this contest, collect five main ingredients for baking Bitcoin pizza and get your share of $ 52200 Bitcoin Prize.

This competition continues until May 25. In this contest, users must collect 5 cards with Bitcoin pizza ingredients to participate in the prize pool.
To receive match cards, you must have at least $ 100 worth of trades in the BTC / USDT spot and margin markets, or at least $ 3,000 in the BTC / USDT futures market. You can then get a card by visiting this address
 It is worth mentioning that if you receive a duplicate card, you can exchange your cards by sharing it on social networks.

1) In the first plan, 200 users who register in Bainance exchange during this period and have collected all 5 cards will be awarded a prize of $ 50 per lottery.

 2) In the second plan, 20 users who have collected all 5 cards will be awarded a bitcoin equivalent to $ 1,000 each.

3) Other users who have received all the cards will receive a share of the $ 22,200 prize pool in bitcoin based on their trading volume during this period.

 4) Next, from all users who have collected all 5 cards, 22 people will be selected by lottery and after launching the Bainance NFT trading market, they will receive NFT tokens as a reward.

Bitcoin prizes will be distributed within 2 weeks after the end of the contest. You can sign in through Account> Bonus Center and purchase your cash voucher.
The NFT Prizes will be transferred to the 22 lucky winners in the NFT Binance market in late June.

Please note that the scarcity of each item may be different.
Users need to collect all 5 different ingredients to cook Bitcoin pizza.
Users are able to exchange their ingredients with other users without any restrictions and it can be done at any time of the day.

Users will only be rewarded if they have collected all 5 ingredients for bitcoin pizza baking. No other combination will be eligible for a reward.

Bainance does not prohibit the purchase or sale of raw materials among users, but the damage will not be borne by Bainance.

The trading volume of the sub-account is included in the final calculation with the trading volume of the main account. Each sub-account will not be counted as an independent account when participating in this activity.