Increase in the price of alpha tokens due to the news of the launch of the second version of the Alpha Homer platform
Alpha Homora decentralized financial platform announced the launch of the second version of its Yild Farming program after the heavy first quarter of 2021, and this news has been good news for both traders and users because both the total value is locked (TVL) And the price of ALPHA tokens increased.

Version 2 of this platform allows leverage to be used 7 times in popular Yild Farming positions in protocols such as Sushi, Curve and Balancer, especially after a devastating hack in February that closed new positions. The protocol lost $ 37 million, making it one of the most destructive hacks in DeFi history.

However, the reboot has been very slow so far due to various criteria. The alpha token, which underwent a sharp correction at the time of the crash, now rose 11.1 percent to $ 2.28 a day, and the total value of the locked TVL (TVL) has risen nearly $ 100 million since reboot to $ 675 million.