Ripple and Bainance traded XRP 75.4 million Thursday, May 13 Once again, Ripple has attracted attention with the transfer of XRP to the Huobi exchange. At the same time, this currency has been transferred by large crypto exchanges.

Ripple has transferred $ 106.3.3 million in XRP

The Whale Alert service, which tracks the movement of digital currencies, has discovered about a dozen trades in which XRP 75.5 million has been traded by Kraken, Bainance, Ripple and other smaller cryptocurrencies.

Ripple has made its daily transfer to China's largest cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi: 5,472,400. This is the amount the company will send to Huobi every day of the week.

Last week, the daily XRP value from Ripple to Huobi was 7,066,450, according to blockchain analytics company Bithomp. Transfer is via Ripple RL18-VN wallet.

Support for XRP liquidity in China

Ripple typically provides cryptocurrencies with XRP to support Quinn liquidity in global markets. Its regular XRP transactions with prominent Chinese exchanges suggest that the DLT giant may support XRP liquidity in China.