JP Morgan CEO called on regulators to pay attention to the crypto market

Jimmy Damon, CEO of JPMorgan, during an May 6 interview with ICI President and CEO Eric J. Pan, called on regulators to pay more attention to digital currencies before the crypto market grows too large to tame. To be.

"Because when it's $ 3 trillion, then $ 4 trillion, then $ 5 trillion. "When grandmothers start buying it and people steal it and ransomware is everywhere, you wonder why you did not enact a law for them."

Demon, who is not yet a supporter of Bitcoin, claimed that it was time for a "legal, regulatory and tax-related framework" for the class, given the fact that the crypto market value now exceeds $ 2 trillion. Design a new asset:

"I'm not a fan of bitcoin, but it does not matter. There should be a legal, regulatory and tax-related framework for crypto. It is now worth $ 2 trillion. "When do they want to say, 'My God, is this market worth our attention?'"

Damon had previously stated that JP Morgan customers are interested in bitcoin.