Michael van de Pope speaks of three currencies with high growth potential


Michaël van de Poppe, a leading digital currency trader and analyst, predicts that Cardano (ADA), Litecoin (LTC) and Ziliqa (ZIL) are ready to begin the next phase of their bull cycle.

In a new video, the popular analyst told his 76,700 followers on his YouTube channel that it was time for Cardano to complete its consolidation phase against Bitcoin (ADA / BTC).

Looking at the long-term chart, the trader added that the ADA / BTC pair is still in its early stages because he believes that the pair has a lot of upside potential.

Regarding the ADA / USD currency pair, he says that the failure of the immediate resistance of this currency pair will push Cardano to the $ 2.40 level.

"I think when we break this red line ($ 1.36), we go past the previous record high, start consolidating, and then move on, because then, with the previous resistance breaking, This level becomes a strong support. Until then, we will just keep moving. "

In addition to Cardano, this strategist also monitors Litecoin. According to him, this currency is also ready to start a 65% move against Bitcoin (LTC / BTC).

Another of Van de Poop's most popular altcoins is the Ziliqa (Chinese blockchain for enterprise solutions). According to him, the ZIL / BTC currency pair is in a strong uptrend and is now ready to grow more than 120% of the current price level at 0.00000363.