An overview of the cryptocurrency market today Saturday, May 1

$ 6,000 price increase for Bitcoin in two days

While the Altcoin market has seen a significant price increase recently, Bitcoin seems to have stalled. The market's first cryptocurrency, which had slumped below $ 50,000 in April, failed to rise above $ 55,000.

The bears took advantage of this BTC inability and pulled it down again, raising the price to around $ 52,000 on April 29. Since then, the bitcoin movement has reversed.

As a result of these positive developments, the asset traded at around $ 54,000 before finally starting a significant uptrend. Within hours, the cryptocurrency rose about $ 4,500, reaching its highest level since the April 18 crash.

The value of the Bitcoin market also stabilized above $ 1 trillion on this uptrend. In addition, BTC regained almost 1% of its lost dominance in the market and now stands at 49%.

New record of Ether and Bainance Quinn

Most altcoins have been on the rise recently, but perhaps none have been as significant as Ethereum, the market's second-largest currency. Atrium set several consecutive records last week. In the last 24 hours, ETH reached its latest record of just over $ 2,870 (on Bitstamp). The market's third-largest cryptocurrency, Binance Quinn, also saw a new slump. The BNB was hovering around $ 600 yesterday, but jumped more than $ 40, reaching a new record at around $ 645 (in Binance).

Ripple (4%), Polkadot (1.5%) and Bitcoin Cash (12%) are also among the top 10 green currencies today. Nevertheless, the Dodge Quinn had the most dramatic performance with a 15% increase. As a result of these developments, DOGE is trading at around $ 0.35.

DigiByte (29%), Avalanche (22%), SwissBorg (17%), OKB (17%), Ren (15%), Compound (15%), Ethereum Classic (13%), Bitcoin SV (12%), Phantom (12%) and Reserve Rights (10%) are among the currencies that have grown in double digits today.

Finally, the market capitalization has increased by $ 170 billion in two days and is well above $ 2 trillion.