Verge cryptocurrency Wednesday, April 28

The verge cryptocurrency has been improved based on the original bitcoin and aims to achieve the best business way to conduct direct transactions with respect to the privacy of individuals.

verge is designed for everyday use.

Distinctive features of verge

1) Verge uses several anonymous networks such as TOR and I2P. Blocks users' IP addresses and its transactions are undetectable.

2) Verge is not a private company funded by mining coins or ICOs. All development and marketing is supported by thousands of community members.

3) Trading speed is very fast compared to other coins. Simple SPV payment technology allows trading time to be reduced to 5 seconds.

4) The verge development team is very active and is always in close contact with the community and the people who use Quinn. So you can easily access the original developers for support or new ideas about verge.

5) This system offers a wide range of secure wallets for several operating systems. The Tor Android Wallet application has created a revolution among the wallets offered in the Android system.

6) The verge currency is decentralized and based on an open source platform and there is no central control over the coins. This currency has seen a tremendous price increase.

And in the future it will play a decisive role among digital currencies, and forecasts continue to testify to the further growth of this currency.