Miners collect bitcoins in large quantities


The chart presented by Glassnode shows a sharp increase in the net position change index of miners.

This shows that instead of selling it, BTC miners store their extracted bitcoins in cold wallets for a long time.

The indicator of the net position change indicator of miners becomes greener

The Golsnood chart, shared by Moskov Capital Senior Investment Director, shows that miners are still collecting the world's top digital currency and are not currently thinking of selling it.

This index turned green for the first time this year on February 27, and this was the first time that it turned green since December 27.

Bitcoin prices are improving

Bitcoin is taking back its profits. According to CoinMarketCap, it has now climbed to $ 54,767 after falling to $ 47,000 on Monday.

Bitcoin Mask and Portnoy Talk

Today, Tesla & SpaceX CEO Ilan Musk stood up to Barstol Sports CEO Dave Portnoy and condemned him for holding his bitcoin deposit. Tesla, meanwhile, sold 10 percent of its BTC balance sheet to prove Kevin's liquidity.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Portnoy tweeted that it had bought a bitcoin. Apparently, he has decided not to buy more bitcoins for fear of another sharp fluctuation.