Bainance CEO reacts to the decline of the cryptocurrency market on Twitter


    Changpeng Zhao tweeted about the latest cryptocurrency market downturn.
    100 Ramzars experienced a 10 to 20% market downtrend.
    The top 3 currencies, Bitcoin, Atrium and Bainance, continue to hold this position.


Bainance CEO Zhao tweeted about the decline in the cryptocurrency market. Zhao also added that his remarks in this tweet were not financial advice. Traders and investors must take the necessary precautions to avoid unexpected irreparable losses.

In the last few hours, the cryptocurrency market has shocked investors once again. Not because of the uptrend but because of its sudden decline. In particular, CoinGecko's top 100 cryptocurrencies fell 10 to 20 percent in the past hour. In fact, it could cause fear, uncertainty (FUD) among cryptocurrency investors worldwide.

Based on market conditions, the world of cryptocurrencies has approximately $ 2 trillion in market capitalization. It is noteworthy that the space of cryptocurrencies has stood strong and does not come down easily with the sudden fall of the market. That way, traders and investors should not lose confidence when the market plummets. This has become commonplace in cryptocurrencies.

Today, Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies, tops the list with more than $ 56,000. In addition, Atrium traded at more than $ 2,200 and the Binance cryptocurrency traded at $ 473 per cryptocurrency. Despite the decline in the cryptocurrency market, these top three groups remain strong. Indeed, this is a prominent performance in the space of cryptocurrencies.