An overview of the cryptocurrency market Saturday, April 17

Bitcoin recovers the $ 62,000 balance

After the last record set earlier this week at $ 65,000, the market's top cryptocurrency reversed its trajectory and gradually declined.

As we reported, Turkey will ban the use of digital assets as a means of payment. Following the news, the market price of the first cryptocurrency fell more than $ 4,000.

This led to a daily price drop of more than $ 60,000 (on Bitstamp). However, the cows regained control and did not allow the price to fall below this level. On the contrary, BTC has jumped around $ 2,000 since then and is now above $ 62,000.

Technical indicators suggest that the first barriers to bitcoin resistance are at $ 62,500, $ 63,766 and the $ 65,000 record. Conversely, if the price falls, the asset could rely on support levels of $ 61780 and $ 60,000.


Bitcoin Cash returns to the top 10 currencies

Most replacement coins in the market mimicked yesterday's BTC performance with a significant decline. However, today they are mostly in the green space. Atrium fell more than $ 150 yesterday, but jumped 3% to its $ 2,500 record.


Bainance Quinn, which closed its 15th quarter token burning yesterday, fell below $ 530. However, BNB has grown by more than 5% and is now trading at around $ 540. Ripple (1%), Cardano (2%), Polkadot (2%) and Uniswap (1.5%) are also green. LightCoin and ChinaLink rose 13 percent and 6 percent to $ 323 and $ 43, respectively.


Dogecoin continued its impressive performance and is now trading above $ 0.3. Yesterday, this popular Meem Quinn reached more than $ 0.4 and its highest historical record.

Bitcoin Cache also showed the best performance among high-value cryptocurrencies with a dramatic 25% increase in 24-hour timeframes. As a result of these developments, BCH re-entered the top 10 currencies in the market with a price tag of $ 1,150.


Siacoin (76%), Nano (70%), Ethereum Classic (50%), Verge (45%), Vechain (41%), DigiByte (35%), Neo (20%), Ankr (20%) and Zilliqa (20%) have also been bullish today.

Finally, the cumulative market value of total cryptographic assets has increased by $ 100 billion since yesterday.