US Dollar Index (DXY) Analysis Thursday, April 15

The downward trend of the US dollar index has intensified with the breaking of the 200-day moving average indicator.
If the price penetrates below the level of the 50-day moving average indicator at 91.60 points, we will see the continuation of the downtrend. Next, the price target in mid-March, which is 91.30 points, will be the next target for sellers.
In general, as long as the index is below the indicator of the 200-day moving average at 92.23, the overall trend is downtrend.

Technical levels
Last level of the day: 91.56
Daily fluctuations: 17 pips
Daytime fluctuations (٪): -0.10
Start: 91.65

20-day moving average: 92.43
50-day moving average: 91.57
100-day moving average: 91.03
200-day moving average: 92.26

Yesterday's highest level: 91.85
Yesterday's lowest level: 91.58

Last week's highest level: 93.11
Last week's lowest level: 92

Last month's highest level: 93.44
Last month's lowest level: 90.63

Fibonacci 38.2. Daily: 91.68
Fibonacci 61.8. Daily: 91.74

Pivot S1 Daily: 91.53
Pivot S2 Daily: 91.42
Pivot S3 Daily: 91.26
Pivot R1 Daily: 91.81
Pivot R2 Daily: 91.97
Pivot R3 Daily: 92.08