An overview of today's cryptocurrency market Sunday, April 11

Bitcoin drops back below $ 60,000

After three weeks of waiting, Bitcoin finally reached the price level of more than $ 60,000 yesterday. In addition, the currency moved upwards and reached the price level of $ 61,200.

However, the situation has changed since then. Just when everyone was very happy with the trend, Bitcoin started to retreat again.

In the following hours, Bitcoin lost about $ 2,000 and reached a lower price level of $ 58,300 at (Bitstamp Exchange) and was able to return to above 60 before falling to its current level of $ 59,500. , Reach $ 000.

 Technical indicators show that $ 60,000 is the first major resistance level against the rise of Bitcoin, which could not close the daily candle above yesterday. If the Bitcoin is bullish, it will have to cross the next resistance level of $ 61,170. This price level is the same as the peak price of March, which is $ 61,780. The price could continue to decline if the Bitcoin goes below the support levels of $ 59,070, $ 58,355 and $ 57,695.

Ripple jump to higher levels; XLM among the top 10 currencies

The Altcoin market also had a pleasant trend since Saturday. Atrium was able to reach the highest price level of $ 2200 with the highest price in all time. However, the second largest digital currency at the time fell slightly more than 2% to just over $ 2,100.

Baines Quinn (BNB) also set a new record at $ 485, but calmed down to $ 475. Nevertheless, Binance Quinn has grown by more than 40% over the past week.

Polkadot (-5%), Cardano (-3%), Uniswap (-4%), and Chainlink (-3%) also moved again in the 24-hour timeframe.

Meanwhile, LightQueen rose 10% to $ 250 and Stellar rose 25% to $ 0.61. Also, XLM currency in the market has replaced LINK currency in the list of top 10 currencies in the market.

Ripple performed better than all the larger altcoins. The blockchain-based payment processor won another legal battle against the SEC because Judge Net. Sarah Netburn stopped the commission from trying to access the personal financial records of Ripple executives.

Ripple was able to rise about 40% in the next few hours, hitting a three-year high of $ 1.4.

We saw an increase in digital currencies including Elrond (15%), Reserve Rights (13%), Zcash (10%), IOTA (10%), and NEM (10%).

Despite some corrections in currencies such as Dent (-16%), Holo (-15%), KuCoin Token (-15%), Pundi X (-15%) and others, the market value of cryptocurrencies is over 2 trillion The dollar remained.