US Dollar Index (DXY) Analysis Tuesday, April 6
The downward trend of the US dollar index has stopped yesterday after the index hit the level of the 200-day moving average indicator at 92.40 points.
As long as the index above the level of the 200 moving average indicator fluctuates, the general trend is upward and the index is likely to grow.
On the other hand, if the index penetrates below the level of the 200-day moving average indicator, the probability of the index falling to 91.30 increases.

Technical levels

Last level of the day: 92.74
Daily fluctuations: 25 pips
Fluctuations of the day (۰): 0.16
Start: 92.59


20-day moving average: 92.29
50-day moving average: 91.38
100-day moving average: 91.05
200-day moving average: 92.44


Yesterday's highest level: 93.11
Yesterday's lowest level: 92.54
Last week's highest level: 93.44
Last week's lowest level: 92.72
Last month's highest level: 93.44
Last month's lowest level: 90.63
Fibonacci 38.2. Daily: 92.76
Fibonacci 61.8. Daily: 92.89
Pivot S1 Daily: 92.39
Pivot S2 Daily: 92.18
Pivot S3 Daily: 91.82
Pivot R1 Daily: 92.95
Pivot R2 Daily: 93.32
Pivot R3 Daily: 93.52