BitTorrent joined the list of top 10 digital currencies with 86% growth in one day
Over the past two weeks, some lesser-known altcoins have been trying to make the top 10 digital currencies on the market. After Theta, followed by File Coin, BitTorrent has now grown to 86th place in the top digital currencies with 86% growth over the past 24 hours.

At the time of writing, BitTorrent (BTT) is trading at $ 0.0127 with a market value of $ 13.1 billion.

It is interesting to note that there is no specific fundamental reason for the increase in the price of BitTorrent. BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol that enables users to download several different file types quickly and free of charge from the Internet. Strong technical technique can be one of the acceptable reasons for this price increase.

Another latest development on BitTorrent is that ten days ago, the Poloniex exchange announced that BitTorrent Sticking would run on the platform from March 25, 2021.