Transfer of 127 million XRP tokens by Ripple and Bainance Exchange
In the past 24 hours, Ripple and Bainance Exchange, along with a small exchange, have moved 127.3 million XRP tokens (71,858,922) between their wallets, according to the Whale Alert.

The SEC-battered company transferred 39.1 million XRP tokens to Bainance, and then the same amount of XRP was transferred between Ripple wallets.

As reported by U.Today earlier this week and last week, Ripple has been successful in defending its interests in the legal battle against the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which began in late December 2020. .

The first sign of success is that the federal court has agreed to hold a conference call over Ripple's request to force the SEC to produce documents on the insecurity of Bitcoin and Atrium. This event will be held on April 6 (April 17).

The second step forward is that the XRP Association is now legally allowed to intervene in the lawsuit.

Interestingly, Jay Clayton, the former head of the SEC who took legal action against the company, has now joined the One River Asset Management Fund - which deals with digital currencies including bitcoin and ether.