Ethereum cryptocurrency review Sunday, February 14
Over the past week, Bitcoin and Atrium have managed to rise in price above $ 1,700 and $ 45,000, respectively. This trend continued until the ETH reached its all-time high of around $ 1870 before beginning its short-term bearish correction.

After a bit of correction, the ether traded below the support level of $ 1,800 and $ 1,780. However, the cows continued to operate above the $ 1,750 level. The lowest price level of this currency is around $ 1761 and is currently well above the simple moving average of 100 (4 hours).

Ether tries to touch the $ 1820 resistance level. This level is close to the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the recent correction trend of $ 1870 to $ 1761. In addition, the 4-hour chart of the ETH / USD pair is forming a significant uptrend line with support around $ 1,800.

In the uptrend, the first major resistance is close to the $ 1840 level. Fibonacci retracement level of 61.8% The downtrend of the $ 1870 price ceiling to the $ 1761 price level may also act as a significant resistance.

In the uptrend, the next major resistance is close to the $ 1870 price record. A break above $ 1850 and $ 1870 is likely to pave the way for a steady upward trend. In this case, the next target of the cows in the short term will be the level of $ 2,000.

If Atrium fails to cross the $ 1,850 level, it will likely face a bearish correction. The first major support in this downtrend is close to the support of the trend line and the level of $ 1800.

A break below the trend line support is likely to be accompanied by a long-term decline below the $ 1761 level. In this case, the next main support is close to the level of $ 1640 or a simple 100 (4-hour) move.
Main support: $ 1800

Main resistance: $ 1870