An overview of the cryptocurrency market today Saturday, February 7
After another jump that pushed the BTC to $ 41,000, the cryptocurrency traded below $ 40,000. The value of the cryptocurrency market also reached a slump above $ 1.2 trillion.

Bitcoin touched the $ 41,000 level

After Monday's price drop, the price of Bitcoin was gradually rising until it exceeded the $ 37,000 level. Following this move, the cows raised it above $ 40,000.

In addition, Bitcoin touched the $ 41,000 price level. Thus, the market's top cryptocurrency was just $ 1,000 away from its record 42,000 (approximately 2%).

At this point, the bears took action and did not allow the currency to move further. On the contrary, BTC returned to the daily low of $ 38,000. However, since then, with a slight improvement in price, it has returned to the level of $ 39,000.

Technically, BTC still has to cross the $ 40,000, $ 40,735 and $ 41,000 resistance lines to challenge the $ 42,000 level. Conversely, support levels of $ 38,550 and $ 38,000 could help if prices fall again.

Cardano's new record

In the last few days, most alternative coins have been so successful that they have set new records for currencies such as Atrium, Polkadat and Binance Coin. As a result of these developments, the total value of the cryptocurrency market also reached a record $ 1.220 trillion.

However, the situation has changed somewhat in the last 24 hours. Atrium has dropped more than 2% and is currently trading below $ 1650. Bitcoin Cash (5%) also fell below $ 460. China Link (4-%), Polkadat (2-%) and LightQueen (4-%) are also red today. While BNB and XRP have made small gains.

In addition, Cardano showed the best performance among the top 10 currencies in the market with a significant increase of 23%. As a result of this move, the ADA has reached $ 0.67, which is the highest price for the currency code in the last 3 years.

Decentraland (30%), Dogecoin (21%), Quant (16%), Avalanche (16%), Huobi Token (14%), Elrond (14%) and Decred (13%) have all experienced double-digit price growth. .

Vs. Nexo (-11%), FunFair (-10%), Alpha Finance Lab (-10%), 0x (-9%), Ampleforth (-8%) and Ren (-7.5%) a significant percentage of They have lost their value.