Fundamental analysis of the Forex market and the European stock market

Global stock indices have grown along with future US stock indices. However, the recent performance of small traders in the US stock market has worried everyone. In China, the Chinese government is battling a liquidity crisis in its financial system. The most significant price movement in the market is related to silver price fluctuations (XAGUSD). The price of silver has reached the $ 30 range for the first time since 2013. The reason for the rise in silver prices is what is happening on Reddit, and it seems that small investors have entered the silver market as a group.
In Europe, the Stoxx Europe 600 stock index has grown by 1%. Shares of companies related to the silver market recorded the highest growth. The MSCI Asia-Pacific Index is also up 1.7 percent, its biggest gain in three weeks. In the Forex market, we are seeing a strengthening of the British pound. It is said that in the UK, all people eligible for the corona vaccine have received the vaccine. The market is waiting for the official confirmation of this news.
Meanwhile, the future price of silver has increased by 12%. On Friday, the largest tradable silver fund faced an investment of $ 944 million. BlackRock is a tradable silver fund. In the United States, ten Republicans have proposed an alternative to Biden's bailout package. The volume of this financial package is $ 600 billion.