The new head of the Iran Stock Exchange Organization has been identified.
Hossein Salahvarzi, a member of the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange, confirmed the appointment of Ali Dehghan Dehnavi as the new head of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization and said: There was market guidance.
Dehnavi, who holds a doctorate in economics from Tarbiat Modares University, was previously a board member of the Housing Bank and now serves as Deputy Minister of Economy in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance. Dehnavi is also a member of the faculty of the Department of Finance and Banking of Allameh Tabatabaei University and the Vice Chancellor for Education of the Higher Institute of Banking Education in Iran.



This is also a poem from stock exchange poems

My days are not bad.

I have a share, a small profit, the needle of fairness.
I have a broker, better than cabbage leaves.
Friends, better than wolves and jackals.

And nearby stocks:
Along with this sugar, its legs melt long.
On Kasra and Ghapak, on Maroon and Kegel.

I am greedy.
My love is money and dollars
My share is Fajr and Kachad
My sugar sugar crumbs.
I fluctuate with broker credit.

In my purchase, there is deceit, there is oppression.
Shame is behind my words:
All the particles of my being have been cheated.
I take my stock
I will buy then
That its seller
From the tightness of the hand
It wraps itself
And at noon,
Everyone is confused and scared.

I swing
My profession is painting:
Sometimes I make a basket with a share, I sell it to you

To refresh your mind to the modification in which he is imprisoned.
What imaginary, what imaginary, ... I know
My table is without bread.
I know, my painting pond is lifeless